Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Gallery - Three words

Ok so Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers has asked us to produce a three word Gallery and I must admit I was a bit baffled as to what I was going to do so I began flicking through my albums and it suddenly struck me...Of course it has to be...

I Love Appledore

We were extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We lived in a cute fisherman's Cottage from the 1930's that backed onto the River Torridge in North Devon. Most of you already know about my Love affair with Appledore and my reasons for loving her so much, but for those who don't Appledore is a place we retreated to after losing my Mum. We lived there for twelve months before moving to Essex.

This first photo is in our back garden after we had some snowfall during 'The Big Freeze' of 2008. Of course the kids just had to rush out back and build our cute snow lady.

Many afternoons straight from school were spent rock pooling and on hot days paddling in the gorgeous clear waters.

A twenty minute walk from our house was Northam Burrows and the glorious long sandy beach of Westward Ho! We walked here many many times during our year in Devon.

And the local pub that people would travel far and wide for their Grub...Yum!

Appledore is a quaint and pretty village with chocolate box back streets

a bustling Quay...

From where fresh Fish can be purchased straight from the trawler...

A Place where time has stood completely still...

If you are ever in North Devon please spend a day here...You will love it as much as me.

Appledore I Love You! 

So do you have a place that is special to you...A place you will love forever?


  1. I nearly missed the rainbow in that last picture. It looks like a place I'd truly love to visit.

  2. How lovely what a wonderful place with lovely memories for you x

  3. I have been on Westward Ho beach and wanted to bring back loads of rocks for my garden but OH allowed me only one!
    Favourite place? London, I adore it.
    thanks for all your comments whilst I was away. x

  4. Sold! I'm off. I'll send a postcard x

  5. I think I wll love where I am now forever but fear it will go from my life all too soon.
    Never heard of Appledore and will now make sure I visit so thanks

  6. I always say it but I want to come and live with you! PLEASE! x

  7. After reading and seeing this, I love Appledore, too. I'd never heard of it before (city boy).

  8. Oh my gosh! So adorably quaint! I want to visit NOW!

  9. It looks lovely I think I would love it too

  10. It looks amazing and I will have to go visit one day for a holiday x

  11. It's just what I want, what I dream of. Sadly it cannot be due to OH's work. Dream.... !

    Have to make do with holidays instead.

    What a beautiful place and the piccys are ace!

  12. Wish I was there! Looks so beautiful and a lot closer to my folks than NZ! Just need to find some work?!



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