Friday, 10 June 2011

Flashback Friday - Warning - Contains very scary retro Dolly content

As well as being a 'Tom Boy' as a child and enjoying all things that got me covered in mud I also loved dollies. I had all kinds of dolls like Sindy seen here above ( 1978) with me age 8, proudly showing off my favourite one and two of my Brothers. I had a suitcase full of sindy stuff that I would spread around my bedroom and play with for hours. I had a Farah Fawcett Majors doll, a Suntan Tuesday who actually got a tan if I put her on a sunny windowsill, Baby alive and of course Tiny tears.

  (Yikes wild dolly hair!)

Ohhhhh how I loved Tiny Tears and really I was a bit old to still be playing with dollies and I remember I was eleven before my Mum suggested it was about time I cleared them out and pass them down to my cousin who couldn't wait to take them off my hands. I felt like crying as I reluctantly handed them over to my younger Cuz. But Mum was right...I really couldn't start Senior school with a bedroom full of dolls. I was far too old for them.

Anyway I couldn't give them up completely and here I am about thirteen years ago age around 28 (1998) with My eldest Daughter and of course...Tiny Tears. I know this one looks like the original but it really wasn't, I swear. My second son won it at a summer fete when he was about seven after guessing her name correctly...Francesca.

(An equally wild looking dolly!)

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  1. Adorable! I had a Sindy doll, too! Mostly lots of Barbies, though. And Cabbage Patch. :)

  2. Far as I know your first tiny tears was mine lol I'm pretty sure I gave it to you ah memories xx

  3. KT Moxie - Cabbage patch dolls were a bit before my time and Barbies weren't as popular as Sindy when I was a kid (Shows my age, lol) x

    Jill, that probably is the Tiny Tears you gave me, lol x

  4. Haha scary dolls were all the rage then. I didn't have a Tiny Tears but I had so much Sindy stuff and it's all still in my parents loft :) x



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