Friday, 17 June 2011

Flashback Friday - Walt Disney World 1978

Back in 1978 I was lucky enough to visit Disney World in Florida with my Mum, Dad and two of my Brothers. It was quite rare for British families to go as far as the US for their holidays back then so it really was a very exciting adventure for us. It was a fantastic trip and as well as staying at an amazing Disney world hotel we also stayed on Miami beach for two weeks, spent two days in New York and then we went to Canada to visit my Auntie, Uncle & cousins.

My memories of the holiday are so special and very vivid...I loved everything about the US...the sunshine, the hugeness of everything but most of all how lovely the people were over there. One day I would love to take my own kids just so they can experience the magic like I did. So here are some memories from Disney World when I was eight years old.

At Disney I spotted Alice in Wonderland...I sooooo wanted to meet her and if you look closely you can see her in the back ground. I'm not sure what it is like now but when we went it was quite difficult to meet the characters because all the kids would swarm around them. I didn't manage to get close to Alice but I did get a cuddle with Baloo from the jungle book which absolutely thrilled me and my Brother.

We went on all the rides including space mountain which at the time I think was the fastest roller coaster in the world... It was very exciting. One of our favourite rides was 'The Jungle Cruise' which is still in action. We got squirted with water by elephants as we made our way through the jungle on a little boat. Here we are with our Dad about to go on the ride for about the 4th time, lol.

Here's my Brother with his Micky ears...we treasured these ears.

Here is a photo of the Disney monorail which at the time was so futuristic, like something out of Buck Rogers (If you don't remember that far back buck Rogers was a very popular and Groovy 70's science fiction TV show). My Brother and I loved the show and the monorail felt like we were in the show.

My Dad taught my Brother to swim at the Disney hotel pool. He tried to teach me too and thought I would learn quicker by throwing me in the deep end. It had the opposite effect and I have never learnt to swim since. Still it was a lovely pool and the weather was glorious. In fact the weather was so lovely during our stay in Florida that it actually rained warm water, of course that was super amazing to us Brit kids.


  1. Oh Mama Syder! What wonderful photos. How lucky for you that you went to DisneyWorld. I don't think I knew of anyone who was lucky enough to go the the US from Australia back in the 70's. The photos are just fantastic. And you just reminded me that when I was a child I so wanted to meet Alice in Wonderland the most too. What a coincidence.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  2. Great photos. Love all of your memories. My first adventure to Disney World was in the late 80s, and it was already quite different by then. The rain is still warm, though (amazing for those of us from Michigan, too!). Now there are pre-determined places and times to meet the characters, and lines to see them. They make sure it is more organized, but families really have to plan to get in photo ops with favorite princesses and the like.

  3. What a co-incidence Emma, my first trip to USA was 1978 too, my in-laws (first marriage) had moved out there with work and we went to visit on an all expenses paid trip to New Hampshire, a beautiful part of the states, and the trip still lives in my memory.

  4. That is a strange coincidence Anne because most girls wanted to meet minnie mouse back then but I hasd my heart set on Alice. I remember when I spotted her my heart was racing and she looked so beautiful...I really believed it was the real Alice in wonderland. We were the only family I knew at the time who had been to the US, of course lots of families travel there now but while we were in Florida during the 70's the locals made us feel like was such a special experience x

    And KT that warm rain is something special isn't it! It was pouring down as we were travelling from the airport to our hotel and Mum said "Bloomin typical, come all this way way and its raining like back home!" The taxi driver said "Well its not rain like we get here!" He was right...we were stunned as we climbed out of the was amazing x

  5. Oh Wow Joy! That is a coincidence...Ive never met another Brit who went over there in the 70's, let alone the same year! How lucky to get an all expenses paid trip! My Mum saved forever for our holiday, lol. Was you treated special by the locals too as you must have been a rare sight for them? x

  6. Gorgeous memories. I *love* the states - we used to go there every year before MC was born but I've never done Florida. We are so going to have to take MC in a couple of years or so as she adores Minnie Mouse!

    Gorgeous photos and such a shame you didn't get to be close to Alice. Also fab for your bro to say he learnt to swim there :)




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