Friday, 24 June 2011

Flashback Friday - Jersey 2001

A few weeks back I wrote a Flashback Friday about the time back in 1981 that My Mum took me a three of my Brothers to Jersey following her divorce from our Dad. We also moved house that year to a new area so Mum taking us away at that time really helped take our minds away from a very stressful time in our lives.

It was very brave of her to take four kids away camping on her own like that and as you can read here we had a fantastic holiday. In fact so fantastic that Papa and I took our four kids back to stay at the same campsite, Rose Farm twenty years later in 2001.

The minute I stepped on to the campsite I was transported back twenty years. It was as if time had stood still...nothing had changed at all, they even had a donkey in the little park which was still exactly the same but had been very slightly modernised. I was so excited and was bursting to tell Mum how fab the place still was. It was a very basic campsite but to be honest that is just how Papa and I like it. Less is more!

The beaches are glorious in Jersey and we spent almost every day travelling around the very diverse coastline.

We did all the traditional seaside activities like swimming in the beautiful clear waters... 

Taking it in turns to bury one another in the soft white sands...

We rock pooled on tiny islands that you could get to as the sea parted when the tide went our revealing little paths to walk along.

We visited shell gardens which is the largest shell garden in the world...It truly is delightful and the kids loved it.

We walked for miles and miles which the kids moaned about...

It really was a blissful fortnight and just as brilliant as it was first time around. The kids loved it and had their own little Rose Farm Gang. In fact a few of them have recently found each other on Facebook. Memories from that holiday we will never forget.

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  1. I'd love to join in Flashback Friday, but I keep most of my childhood memories locked in a trunk in the back of my mind and I've lost the key xxx

  2. Aw, these are lovely memories. It's so fab when you visit somewhere and it's as if time has stood still. I'd like to revisit Dawlish as I have fond memories of there when I was a kid. Lovely post x

  3. It's great that when you visited again, it was as lovely as you remembered as often it can be nothing like you recall and therefore, be an anti climax. Great comparison post with such lovely happy memory filled photos :)

  4. I love looking at old photos and hearing the stories behind them. Your Mum was brave indeed to take four of you camping!

  5. So sweet.. I have a few places I visited as a child that I want to bring my children too, also. I only hope its as successful a trip as yours was!



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