Friday, 3 June 2011

Flashback Friday - Happy Birthday Fluff

Twenty years ago today I went into labour two weeks overdue with our second Son. I was in hospital already as I'd had a show and was possible C-Section. I had been told during my first pregnancy that I will never give birth naturally as my pelvis is far too small (Wish they could say the same about the rest of my body, lol.)

Anyway because I had moved to another area, the Docs at my new antenatal clinic told me that was a load of tosh...Of course I could give birth naturally, apparently my birthing canal is a perfect shape...Wit Woo, Look at me! Because of this they would let me have a trial labour.

I made friends with the girl in the bed next to me who was in labour, she had no birthing partner so I kinda slipped into the role of rubbing her back etc. The poor girl was getting extremely frustrated as nothing was happening after 24 hours. While I was supporting this new 'Mum to be' I started to get a bit of a belly ache and asked the nurse for a paracetamol. "Lets take a little look at you, pop yourself on the bed" I was actually thinking "What do you need to look for...I've only got a belly ache!" When all of a sudden I heard a gasp and a "Good God Girl...You are 8 Cm's dilated!!!!"
"Does that mean I'm in labour Nurse?" I asked nervously.

To cut a long story short my first Doctor in London was completely and utterly right...I couldn't give birth naturally and ended up having an emergency C-Section just as I thought I would...Silly Doctor!

So Our Baby is 20 years old today and when he was little we used to call him 'Fluff' because his hair was white blond and all fluffy.

Now his hair isn't all fluffy but he is just as cute...

Happy Birthday Baby Boy...We Love you Loads X

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  1. It always amazes me how different doctors can give such contradictory advice!
    Anywa, you did well and he was a right little cutie with that blonde hair and cheeky face.hope he has a happy birthday

  2. Thankyou Jenny. I was so shocked when the new Doc told me I could have a 'natural' birth and angry he got it so wrong...Silly man! x

  3. Awwwww Happy Birthday Fluff, hope you all have a lovely day x

  4. Thanks for your comment. The yogi tea is indeed delicious xx

  5. just read the post. So you were 8 cm dilated but still ended up having a C section? I am only asking as the same thing happened to me, Liska xx

  6. Hi Liska, Yes I was 8cms but wouldn't dilate any further, Baby became distressed so had to have the emergency C-section.

    When I returned to my old Doc he said it was all to do with my pelvis being too small & that I should never have had a trial labour. He said he had made it quite clear on my notes that I simply can't give birth naturally. The new Doc shouldn't have risked it and me being so young I trusted the advice I received. It goes to show how wrong they can be sometimes x

  7. Adorable pictures. Fluff is such a cute nickname. Do you still call him that even though he keeps his hair short?

  8. Thanks KT Moxie, No we dont call him that anymore...only on Birthdays and when we reminisce. As he grew up it embarrassed him x

  9. Bless! What a memory! Thank you for sharing it. I think I have the same problem. 3 years ago there was no way in Hell Ella was coming out. She was well and truly stuck. This time around I'm going to picket for an elective c-section. My 1st labour/delivery was hellish. I don't want to do that again. ;)




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