Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Gallery - My Weekend

Wow...Wasn't the weekend a scorcher! We spent it enjoying the sun by firstly eating our Lunch in the garden. Any excuse for a barbie but how can you eat inside with weather like this!

Then we decided to go out for a relaxing walk...

We sat beside the river for a couple of hours, the breeze was soothing as we chatted to a local couple who were also trying to cool off. This is a real benefit of coastal living...On hot days you always have the water to cool you down. 

Then home for an ice cold drink...Bliss.

From now on my Weekends will be dominated by the retro renovation of Bertha...Yes she now has a name, isn't she adorable.You can read more about Bertha here.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My Retro Caravan

I am thrilled to be the new owner of a retro 1978 Cosalt caravan. One of our neighbours spotted it for sale on someones drive and originally he wanted it for himself but just didn't have the room to store it so he pointed me & papa in its direction.Although it is a 70's van it has the sexy rounded shape of a caravan from the 50's & 60's.

I have been on the look out for an old caravan to renovate for quite a while now. I dont know what it is but I just love old caravans pimped up. My mind is just buzzing with ideas as I gain inspiration from other people who also like to Pimp their caravans.

So if I want my caravan looking lovely and brimming with vintage charm I need to set to work. I am planning on painting the exterior of the van white and sky blue(well, Papa is the painter). A bit like this colour.

I will be painting the interior walls pale blue and I have ordered red & white polka dot fabric for the curtains. As I give you a little tour you will really need to use your imagination of how lovely it could be when I have finished the renovations. The cooker and sink are in perfect condition and just need polishing up. And the groovy brown melamine cupboards will be painted white.

I have taken down the original nets and brown curtains and will be replacing them with polka dot curtains that will be easy to make. I also want to cover the seating, not sure what with just yet, maybe a pink  fabric. If you look in between the two cupboard doors there is an original gas lamp, the shade is a little battered so I will try and reshape it.

We were pleased to discover the van also has seating that transforms into bunk beds and the bed on the bottom even turns into a double bed if needed. 

In one of the cupboards I found an original awning. We haven't had it out yet but at first glance it looks like it was hardly ever used. 

I have saved the best until last, check out this very retro bathroom. I am in love with the wallpaper and really wish the whole van had the same...its lush!

I will keep you updated and I will be blogging about my new project so pop back soon and see how we get along.

Oh and we will also be naming her! I know I'm sooooo sad! x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Bouquets & A Revamped Lamp

I have been cracking on with my bedroom makeover this past couple of weeks. I was going for a 30/40's look but it is becoming a bit of a mis-mash of a few different era's as I collect vintage accessories to dress the room. We have painted the walls a nice cottage cream, hung my vintage curtains that I bought here and this week I revamped an old lamp stand I had. I have a long way to go before the room is finished so I wont show you it just just a glimpse for now. 

I picked up a lovely print for a £1.

And a really gorgeous little painting someone called Jules had painted. I absolutely love it and it was only 50p!

So they have been hung in my bedroom. Last year I picked up an old wooden lamp base for a £1 that was a dark varnished colour complete with a really old plug and light fitting. Papa changed the fitting for me and I painted it white. I found a really nice vintage shade in the charity shop this week for £2.

The shade complements the base perfectly...I'm thrilled with the revamp!

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Flashback Friday - Jersey 2001

A few weeks back I wrote a Flashback Friday about the time back in 1981 that My Mum took me a three of my Brothers to Jersey following her divorce from our Dad. We also moved house that year to a new area so Mum taking us away at that time really helped take our minds away from a very stressful time in our lives.

It was very brave of her to take four kids away camping on her own like that and as you can read here we had a fantastic holiday. In fact so fantastic that Papa and I took our four kids back to stay at the same campsite, Rose Farm twenty years later in 2001.

The minute I stepped on to the campsite I was transported back twenty years. It was as if time had stood still...nothing had changed at all, they even had a donkey in the little park which was still exactly the same but had been very slightly modernised. I was so excited and was bursting to tell Mum how fab the place still was. It was a very basic campsite but to be honest that is just how Papa and I like it. Less is more!

The beaches are glorious in Jersey and we spent almost every day travelling around the very diverse coastline.

We did all the traditional seaside activities like swimming in the beautiful clear waters... 

Taking it in turns to bury one another in the soft white sands...

We rock pooled on tiny islands that you could get to as the sea parted when the tide went our revealing little paths to walk along.

We visited shell gardens which is the largest shell garden in the world...It truly is delightful and the kids loved it.

We walked for miles and miles which the kids moaned about...

It really was a blissful fortnight and just as brilliant as it was first time around. The kids loved it and had their own little Rose Farm Gang. In fact a few of them have recently found each other on Facebook. Memories from that holiday we will never forget.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Gallery - Three words

Ok so Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers has asked us to produce a three word Gallery and I must admit I was a bit baffled as to what I was going to do so I began flicking through my albums and it suddenly struck me...Of course it has to be...

I Love Appledore

We were extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We lived in a cute fisherman's Cottage from the 1930's that backed onto the River Torridge in North Devon. Most of you already know about my Love affair with Appledore and my reasons for loving her so much, but for those who don't Appledore is a place we retreated to after losing my Mum. We lived there for twelve months before moving to Essex.

This first photo is in our back garden after we had some snowfall during 'The Big Freeze' of 2008. Of course the kids just had to rush out back and build our cute snow lady.

Many afternoons straight from school were spent rock pooling and on hot days paddling in the gorgeous clear waters.

A twenty minute walk from our house was Northam Burrows and the glorious long sandy beach of Westward Ho! We walked here many many times during our year in Devon.

And the local pub that people would travel far and wide for their Grub...Yum!

Appledore is a quaint and pretty village with chocolate box back streets

a bustling Quay...

From where fresh Fish can be purchased straight from the trawler...

A Place where time has stood completely still...

If you are ever in North Devon please spend a day here...You will love it as much as me.

Appledore I Love You! 

So do you have a place that is special to you...A place you will love forever?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Bloomin Garden - June

So Lots is Blooming in my garden at the moment. I have worked very hard in the garden since I moved here 18 months ago and as you fellow gardeners know it takes a few years to get your garden how you want...but then again do you ever get it how you want it? There are always new ideas, new plants. new flowers we spot that we would love to incorporate in to our gardens.

Last spring I planted out a Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) and this year it has finally bloomed. It is the Black Knight variety and has gorgeous dark purple blooms. I love this bush as it is so easy to care for and the bigger it gets the more butterflies it will attract. The kids get excited once that starts to happen.

This clambering pink rose bush is actually planted in my neighbours garden but it tumbles all over the separating picket fence and looks so pretty. Its blooms have just began to open. 

Thanks to my neighbour on the other side I have Marigolds blooming all over the place as he grew them from seed and very kindly gave me a tray. They all vary in colour from pale yellow to bright orange. The orange ones have got to be my favourite.

The blackberry bush has blossomed and is now showing the first sign of fruit...yummy for crumbles come August/September time.

The Bee's are loving my petunias and I love to watch them buzzing in and out of each plant. It is such a pleasure.

I have too giant pots full of these bright yellow lilies...They have just began to bloom and look stunning! My favourite in the garden at the moment.

We have had an awful lot of rain down here in the south and the garden is lapping it all up. My  celery is a very thirsty plant and thoroughly enjoys the rain. I have some raised beds that I will be transplanting the celery into as I will be growing my vegetables in the back garden from now on instead of the lottie. But that's a whole other post so I'll come back to that next week as I invite you in to Mamas Garden.

So Whats your favourite Bloom in your garden this month?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Pyrex, Roses, Ribbons & Lace

Pyrex, Roses, Ribbons & Lace these are a few of my favourite things. 

I am thrilled with this weeks Magpie finds...Lots of lovely vintage charity shop finds and first up we have some vintage Pyrex. Most of us Magpies have 'a thing' for Pyrex. The crisp white glass with bold prints  are to die for and the older and bolder the more excited we get.

So this first one is a snowflake design is from the 1950's. It is a really handy midi size roaster and fits perfect in my warming oven on the range. The pattern is in perfect condition and it has a lid which I'm chuffed with. This roaster was only £2!

This next Pyrex roaster is also from the space saving range and again is a mini roaster. I love the colour of this one...Yellow with black snowflakes looks gorgeous. 

The best thing about it is it has a little stand or cradle as it is sometimes called. I'm guessing it is also from the 1950's but if anyone knows for sure I would love to hear from you. This one was such a bargain at £1.50.

I then had a rummage in the haberdashery drawer and spotted these artificial roses. I love them and will put them in my hair. I got the lot for £1

Up next is some retro dress patterns. I love the style of these and in a modern retro style fabric they will look fab. I got the pair for £1

Further rummaging revealed a bag of lace. I instantly got excited as I saw the gorgeous pinks and a stunning red. The bag was 50p. 

I knew exactly what I would do with the lace and I needed some vintage style buttons to complete what I had in mind. I got these little beauties for 50p.

Want to know what I did with the lace and buttons? Well, my Teen buys a lot of lace headbands so I thought I could make her some instead of the fortune she pays for them in the shop. She loves the ones I made her and actually prefers them to the shop bought ones. Now we have plans to make lots more in all different styles and colours.

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