Monday, 23 May 2011

Powermat Review

I was very excited to have been asked to review a brand new gadget called the Powermat. Mr Postman knocked on my front door and I was very pleased to  receive a bundle of various accessories to try. Papa  and the Teenagers swarmed around me like hunny to the bee as I carefully unwrapped the package...I did feel awfully important even though I realised it wasn't actually me they were interested in...It was the powermat.

Never heard of a Powermat before? Well neither had I until this opportunity arose, basically the powermat is wireless charging unit for a multitude of different devices including iPhone, Blackberry and Nintendo DSi to name a few. The product is extremely slick, compact, light weight and looks impressive on our home office area and even on our kitchen worktop.

You can charge three items at once using the powermat which means only one wire to the plug socket. So how does that work?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. You pop a special powermat receiver onto the back of your device which then enables you to drop and charge onto any powermat.

Once fully charged the device has an auto shut off which saves us energy. Communication between the mat and your mobile device delivers an exact amount of power so it guarantee's no power wastage.

Receivers available at the moment are for the iphone, Blackberry, ipod touch, and Nintendo DS. However also available is an ipod docking station and a universal powercube with a selection of interchangeable tips that allow you to wirelessly charge hundreds of different mobile devices. How many times have you had guests over and the batteries on their phones have died? Well with one of these gadgets you can charge it for them with no problem...Very cool indeed.

Also available is a portable, fold up powermat and separate complete powermats for the iPhone and Blackberry's. We tried the iphone 4 charging system and it is very easy to use. Pop the back receiver onto your phone and it has its own powermat to enable drop and charge.

A very stylish gift for the person who has everything because these are so new out that the chances are they haven't got one of these yet.
Pro's -

*Stylish, sleek appearance which appeals to any electronic gadget lover, especially the teenagers in our house... In fact their exact words were " Pretty flash looking!"

*It makes a really cool futuristic sound as you drop your device onto the mat (this sound can be switched of if you prefer not to hear it).

*If you are stuck for a gift idea for someone who has everything then I'm pretty sure one of these would be very much appreciated.

*Convenient as there is no need to mess about plugging in wires...just drop and charge.

*Tidy with no tangled mess of wires.

Con's -

*I must honestly say we all loved this product, however there is a con and that is it's a little bit pricey.

Home & office Powemat - £69.99
Universal powercube - £29.99
Blackberry Receivers - £29.99
iPhone 4 complete charging system (Receiver & mat) - £49.99
DS receiver - £29.99

Would I buy the mat and the receivers? Honest answer is Yes...Not a very Frugal gift I know but I would buy them for for my very 'difficult to please' teenagers for birthdays or Christmas. In fact we will be purchasing a DS receiver and ipod docking station, so yes it was a hit in our house.
Available to buy here

*This product was sent to me free of any charge for the purpose of this review. As a family we always give an honest and genuine opinion.*

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