Monday, 9 May 2011

Magpie Monday - Trifle and Cake

So this week has been a week of real bargains for me. I managed to bag a whole 1930's bedroom suite (Double bed, bedside cabinet and wardrobe) for 30 quid from ebay. At the moment I have all pine in my is all lovely stuff including a solid handmade wardrobe that I got for free from the tip here and a huge king size four poster bed that I paid an absolute fortune for about ten years ago.
However the bed is far too big for my new house and I have been on the look out for a vintage bed since I moved here 18 mths ago. I love 1930's and 40's decor and decided I wanted my bedroom just like the old days...I already have my candlewick bedspread waiting.

Then I spotted some corner kitchen bench seating on ebay. We have a little alcove in our living room that is begging for a corner dining area. I offered the owners a buy it now for £40 and they accepted. Woo hoo! I'll post a blog about my goodies when I go pick them up.

Anyway back to this weeks Magpie Monday over at Me and My Shadow's I took my usual weekly walk to my local charity shop and having the usual good rummage that I have I spotted this gorgeous cake stand right at the back.

It was love at first sight. It is 1950's / 60's Midwinter stylecraft and I adore Midwinter stuff. I grabbed it and ran to the till...It was a fiver and I think it matches lovely with my Lord Nelson tea cups I picked up at the charity shop a few months back, don't you think? I'm on the look out for a matching tea pot now to compliment the set.

I also got a lovely heavy glass fruit/trifle bowl. I have no idea who it is made by by I just love the style of it. A bargain at £2.

Pop over to Me and My Shadow for more Bargain finds
Me and My Shadow


  1. Wow sounds like you've done well on ebay. I seem to have lost my touch there and keep getting outbid :0(

    Well done on finding the cake stand - you're right it goes perfectly.

    Thanks for joining in x

  2. Some beautiful bargains there. When we were small we always had afternoon tea on Sundays and my mam had that type of cake stand - very dignified and pretty to have those on your tea table.

  3. Lovely cakestand - I have a glass bowl that is really really similar to yours which I also got for £2, it weighs a ton, and is brilliant for fruit salad. I am soooo jealous of your Ebay score - £30 is amazing. Lets see pictures please! I would love 30s furniture in my room but a) I'm not sure it would fit, and b) erm, I have furniture and can't justify it yet. One day!

  4. ooooh! gorgeous stuff this week. Can't wait to see your bedroom furniture. Sometimes Ebay is totally fab especially when you can collect. I once stayed at Burgh Island in Devon totally fitted out in 20's 30's furniture. It was heaven ! xx

  5. Oooh you know me and cake stands and that one's a stunner and it goes beautifully with your existing china. I look forward to your furniture posts in future! x

  6. Don't you love finding a piece to compliment a set you already have and adore?
    Wow- your great deals on ebay are amazing. Not good for a seller but fantastic for a bargain hunter.
    I did pop over and look at your free wardrobe. Someone smiled upon you that day. How could anyone even think about getting rid of something that beautiful?

  7. what beautiful finds, that bowl is gorgeous :)

  8. I have been drooling over tiered cake stands for ages, but have not been able to part with the £25-35 pound price, so what a bargain find for £5.00! The cake stand is beautiful and I can imagine it lined with sweet goodies galore. Bx

  9. Oh wow what gorgeous finds :)) x

  10. I love your finds and think you should do a post when there is a trifle in the bowl and scones and cakes on that stand. I have a thing about cake stands so am very envious.
    My finds are over at posted late this week



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