Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Magpie Monday - Something for the kids

I know, I know it is Tuesday (Sorry Liz) but I was really super busy yesterday (re-designing my blog) and didn't get the time to link up so I'm a day late for Magpie Monday. This week my 11 year is the star of the show as I dragged her down to the charity shop kicking & screaming "Please Mum...Don't make me go!" I'm just evil and forced the poor girl to go. However, my pushiness paid off as with her pocket money 'The Tween' purchased a mega blo pen kit for £2!

As she opened the box it looked as though it hadn't been used. The Tween was thrilled and said "Mum...The charity shop was quite good after all."

This kit was perfect for the half term and I have tons of new art work (In fact a whole black sack full!)

While I was in the shop rummaging I spotted this print in a frame. Now there is a bit of a story behind this print, you see my Mum bought one exactly the same (which I now have hanging in my kitchen) from a charity shop years ago and as soon as I saw it hanging on her wall I said "Oh Mum...that reminds me of Granddad's shop!!!!" The fact that it is a corner shop, the colour of the windows & doors, the style of the doors and the trolley parked outside, everything about it screamed Granddad's Shop (You can read about Granddad's shop here). Mum smiled, "That's exactly why I bought it!"

So I spotted another copy for £1 and just couldn't leave it behind.

Pop over to Me and My Shadow for more Magpie Bargains.


  1. Oh wow, love the blog makeover, it looks great (although it de=id before!).

    Great that you're daughter has now been convinced of the joys of charity shops. Those pens look cool - I'd have bought them for myself!


  2. Love to pop over and see what bargains you get every week :)



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