Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Love of my life

Ok so when @Manicmum4 tagged me in a tweet to join in with a meme that her and @superamazingmum had put together I was intrigued as to what it was. I must admit I was really pleased to see that it was a 'Peeping Tom' meme as I'm so nosey and this weeks is a meme of Love stories and I'm such a romantic and a sucker for a real love story. So here's Mine...

He was 16, I was 17. It was mid 1980's and I had ran away from home. I was raised in a strict Mormon family and hated all the rules and regulations. Mum was a terrific Mother but I couldn't breathe and needed to escape. At the time I thought I needed freedom...What I really needed was a Dad, My own was neglectful of his children which made me I ran away full of defiance and bitterness.

I hated the world. I moved into a flat with an equally angry teenage friend and we proceeded to set the world on fire. We tried a few drugs, drank too much, danced all night, had fights, got arrested, listened to way too much Pink Floyd and painted the walls black. Life was wild, Life was crazy, Life was angry.

We got kicked out of the flat that we painted black and moved into a B&B in London. That is when I first saw 'him'. He was kneeling down repairing the lock on the room to my door. As I walked along the corridor he casually turned his head round and glanced at me for a brief second but it felt like hours. His piercing green eyes and blonde hair sprayed flick had me transfixed. I was in Love.

I was at the B&B for only a few weeks as I missed my little brothers, was sick of rough living and wanted my home comforts back. During those first few weeks I was at the B&B I only bumped into 'him' once...Passing me in the corridor he nodded and said "Alright" my knee's knocking together I lost my voice, I literally couldn't speak. I could feel my cheeks burning up so I shut the door to my room as quick as possible. "OMG...He just spoke to me"

I didn't see him again for about three months. I had moved home, sorted myself out and thought I'd pop back to the B&B to see my old wild friend who was still living there.

"I have a new boyfriend" she informed me. I was surprised as I knew the love of her life was in prison. "What about Wol?" I asked "Oh I'm still waiting for him to get new boyfriend is just while I'm waiting" I laughed and said "You are such a nightmare...who is he then, this new boyfriend?" "Its him" she said as she pointed her finger in 'his' direction. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Him!" I gasped as I realised it was the boy with the green eyes and flick...the boy I was 'in love' with.

I was gutted but ignored the sick feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach as my friend introduced me to him. I looked up at him, my heart racing as he flicked his hair out of his eyes. "Oh its you" he said as a big grin spread across his face "The stuck up cow who used to ignore me every time I said hello"

Hahaha...I was gobsmacked and didn't know how to respond so I just pretended I didn't remember who he was. From that day on we became best buddies. I visited every single day. We played tennis, watched videos, played black jack, shopped, went camping, planned working on a kibbutz, day trips to Southend, fair grounds, pub crawls, Indian restaurants and we laughed until our sides ached. He was different from anyone else I'd ever met. He was sensible and taught me that I could get love and attention just from being myself. I didn't need to be wild? Phew, what a relief.

He was the one. Only problem was he was still dating my friend but she was in love with her prison boyfriend. It was so unfair and I felt bad for wishing 'he' would dump my friend so that I could have him. My friend and I had became very distant and now my wild days were over I had outgrown her so I did something really naughty and told him she was still seeing the prison boy. 'He' actually looked relieved and said "Good, I've been looking for an excuse to dump her".

I was secretly thrilled and two days later me and 'him' got rather drunk on a bottle of Malibu. We were watching a movie (Police academy) when all of a sudden I felt an arm slip across my shoulders, he leaned over and snogged my face off.

Next morning neither of us were clear if we were now an item or not so a mutual friend stepped in and became our match maker, pushing him towards me our friend said "Well go on then...ask her".

I was standing at the ironing board ironing some clothes when 'he' edged closer. Hands in pockets and shifting from one foot to another he nervously asked "We going out or what?" I couldn't look up and mumbled "Might as well". The rest is history. Two weeks later we moved in together, four weeks after that we were engaged. Then when we tied the knot in 1989 he was only 18 and people said it wouldn't last...we proved them all wrong.

We celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary this year and I love 'him' more than ever and Papa has since confessed that the first time he passed me in the corridor (The time when I ignored him) he knew he would marry me, but believe me it's not all been plain sailing, there have been times when I've hated him...

And he has hated me

We have fought and we have loved with a passion and we become parents to four kids and Grandparents to one. We have overcome so much together,  even a years separation when we both split and found new partners but we have never stopped loving each other. He is my soul mate and I am his.

During our split it suddenly hit me that there is no other person for me on this earth...only him. He realised the same. We are one and I am madly in love with him and I know I always will be.

We realise how lucky we are to still be so in love after all these years and I still get goosebumps when he looks at me. He still makes me laugh so hard I struggle  to catch my breath and I still think he is drop dead gorgeous. He is my life.

For us it was definitely Love at First sight!

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I'm also linking up to Mama Kat's Writers workshop and have chosen prompt 2) That time you ran away from home.
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  1. Woohooo! GREAT love story - great story about your wild youth too! And how brilliant that you still have that bond. "And they all lived happily ever after...." X

  2. I LOVE this post, it's brilliant! Love the pics at the end too! Emma :)

  3. What a story! Isn't it amazing the crazy shit we do when we're younger and we manage to live through it all?!

  4. Awesome story. This makes me feel good as a 31 year old single girl. Perhaps I'll meet my soul mate walking down the hallway today :-)

  5. Love this one today! good for you that you have stuck it out and made it work!!

  6. Totally loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing it. x

  7. yeah, what a love story!! these have all been sooo fascinating, i am so glad we did this meme! it's been a great week's reading!

    you sound like a fabulous couple, and wow, hat off, to 22 years!!

    be back soon, thanks so much for joining in, i am so glad u did.

    love tamsyn xxx



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