Monday, 2 May 2011

Listography - Simple Pleasures

This weeks Listography over at Kate Takes 5 is 'Simple Pleasures'. I have quite a few as I'm a simple kinda girl...the small things in life always give me the most pleasure.

1) The Garden - I Love being outside in the garden especially on a warm sunny day. I love getting my hands dirty, taking in the rich earthy smells as I plant up my pots, baskets and sow my seeds. The garden gives me so much pleasure.

2) Laughing Kids - Watching the kids having fun and playing happily together is such a top pleasure, especially when they are rolling around laughing.

3) Sunsets - Watching the sunset is ace. Whenever I spot the sky looking a bit pink I grab Papa and the kids and make a dash for the Quayside. Sunsets always look better over water.

4) The Beach - I'm definitely a beach chic. I love the sea and sand...It makes me feel so free and chilled. Nothing beats sitting on the beach, especially in North Devon...Love it!

5) Long Country walks - Country walks are just the best. I love taking our Granddaughter for walks over the farm near us and watching the kids run free across he fields.

So what are your simple pleasures in life?



  1. What gorgeous pics - and gorgeous choices! Thanks for joining in Mama!

  2. I want your life! What brilliant pictures. Might have to re-think my 'butter on toast in the morning' list :)

  3. I love sunsets too! I also love the beach and wish I lived nearer. Great List!

  4. Really gorgeous pictures! Agree with all of them... especially with the kids' laughter. Isn't the best?! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Im like you fortunate enough to live each a seaside town with miles and miles of beautiful countryside, dont envy people that live in towns

  6. beautiful post; there's nothing like the side splitting sound of kids laughter :)

  7. Hey Mama Syder, thanks for your lovely comment on my post. I'm adding you to my blogroll too. Keith

  8. A great list with lovely photos. Getting outside can always change my mood for the better. Nature is a wonderful thing x

  9. I love the sunset picture! I nearly put this on my list!



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