Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Listography - Products I couldn't live without

This weeks Listography over at the lovely Kate Takes 5 is 'Five Products I couldn't live without'.

1) First thing is my coffee. I'm a complete addict and a nightmare in the mornings if I haven't had a cup.  Have you seen that hilarious retro sign...

That is soooo me in the mornings!
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

2) My Sewing machine. My Lovely Auntie (JollyJilly) gave me my sewing machine and I use it almost daily. I Love it!

3) My crochet hook. I have been crocheting from the age of 11 so I'd be totally and utterly lost without my hook.

4) My Camera. It comes everywhere with me. I very rarely leave it at home and on a day trip I'll take at least 200 photo's. It drives everyone mad!

5) My walking Boots - I bought these at university (Geography student) and I still wear them ALL the time. Even though old now they are still waterproof, comfy and absolutely flippin fantastic...I Love, Love Love them!

P.S Kids I do usually tie my shoe laces!


  1. Kath ParkloverTuesday, May 17, 2011

    I love your list - probably not what most people would class as "products" in a way. I'm with you on the camera, I take ridiculous amounts of photos.

  2. Hi Kath, I could have put my TV and laptop but I know I could actually live without those things...Although I think I would really struggle without my blog so I guess internet access would be a must, lol x

  3. I love that your list says so much about you. Also love that coffee sign!

  4. I wish I could sew! Great list and I love that coffee sign too. I used to have one of those but it was a cigarette instead of a coffee!

  5. I am exactly the same about coffee! I wish I could say it about my sewing machine, crochet hooks and camera but we have a very on-off relationship!

  6. What a 'do-er' you are! Lots of creativity in there - brill! Great to meet you via Kate's!

  7. I can't believe I forgot coffee from my list. I love coffee. x

  8. I'm so with you on coffee. Big cup in the morning and bring the leftovers in a thermos to work. I don't so much care for the stuff they brew here :(

    Good list!



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