Sunday, 29 May 2011

Listography - Finals

Kates Listography is being hosted by one another blogger this week and that blogger (Keith) writes one of my favourite Blogs - Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad and he came up with a great theme that certainly got my brain cells fired up.

In Keiths words: "So, after much head-scratching and several pints of Doombar, the best I’ve come up with for this week’s Listography is: FINALS Here’s the premise. A couple of weeks ago we were told the world was going to end. It didn’t (did it? have I missed something?) so The End has now been re-scheduled to December 21 2012. That leaves us with 18 months to prepare our Final Farewells, Final Suppers, Final Words, Final Destinations, Final Resting Places, Final Shags and lots, lots more. SO WHAT WOULD YOUR 5 FINALS BE?"

So my 5 Finals are:

1) Final Supper - Would have to be a big fat Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. A selection of meats, Roasted spuds, parsnips, carrots, suede, sprouts, pigs in blankets, stuffing. Followed by either banoffee or chocolate cheesecake with a dollop of Ben & Jerrys cookie dough...Mmmmmmm not good to fantasize about food when on a diet.

2) Final Words - "Didn't we have a Blast!" I'd Thank my Kids for being sooooo Brilliant, for completing my life and tell them how proud I am of them all (including my Granddaughter and her Mummy). Then I would Thank Papa for being the absolute love of my life, for knowing just what I need (always), for loving me so much & for so long and for taking good care of me. Followed by lots of 'love you's'. I would also want to tell my five Brothers how much I love them all.

3) Final destination - Without hesitation it would be a cottage in Appledore, North Devon. This place is so special to me & Papa...Appledore healed our broken hearts after we lost my Mum. Appledore changed our lives and our total outlook on life.

4) Final Party - I'd renew mine and Papa's wedding vows on the beach. It would be themed as The Wizard of Oz with everyone dressed up as the characters from the movie. We would have a massive beach party afterwards down in Devon for everyone we know. The weather would be warm and sunny, the music playing, BBQ burning and everyone would be having the time of their lives.

5) Final Act of Intimacy -  Would of course be with my family. They are what my life has all been about. I would be cuddling our Babies with Papa beside me as he always is.

Pop over To Reluctant Housedad for more Finals.


  1. Wonderful post. Loved every bit of it. That Christmas dinner pic is fantastic, and Devon looks glorious. Thanks for making the effort. You are above even the toppest of bananas

  2. Great list - I'm loving the final supper entry especially. Now in need of icecream!

  3. What you wrote about Appledore is simply gorgeous and touching. Sounds like the perfect place.

  4. You're so cute! But where's your lovely header gone??

  5. Thanks Kate...Just in the middle of creating a new header. Hopefully have it finished today x

  6. LOVE your final party idea. Wish I'd thought of that one x



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