Friday, 27 May 2011

Flashback Friday - Our Grandad

Some of my fondest childhood memories were spent at our Granddad's shop in East London. Grandad (Mums Dad) was a Greengrocer and he had two shops in the East end. He was a big happy rosy cheeked character originally from Southern Ireland and he never lost his strong Irish accent.

When I was a child I loved fruit and it was all I would eat. Mum struggled to get me to eat anything else so having Grandparents who owned a fruit & veg shop was very exciting for me. I Loved being at the shop. I remember the smell of dusty potatoes, Nan's meticulous rows of tinned peas, the clunk of the scales as carrots were being weighed,, bananas hanging from their hooks, rows and rows of shiny apples, Grandad in his immaculate white overalls serving his many loyal customers. Customers he always went that extra mile for. Everyone loved Grandad and no-one more than his own family.

I have many many cousins and every one of us have our own special memories of him. He would always take time to tell us stories about his life growing up on the family farm in Ireland. One story that sticks in my mind is how he would catch salmon as a boy with his bare hands. It is probably where I get my interest in the survival experts from ie: Ray Mears & Bear Grylls. Grandad would tell us all the tricks of survival and his love of mother earth.

The photo above is Grandad in his Shop. I love it and have recently had it put on to a canvas hanging over my fire place. The photo below is Grandad in the middle surrounded by one of my uncles, my Brothers and some of my Cousins during the early 1990's. Sadly we lost our wonderful Grandad to Alzheimer's about ten years ago.

A Grandad we all miss so much.

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  1. How amazing, such a memory. I'd love to remember my grandad!

  2. What wonderful memories of a wonderful character! xxx

  3. What an amaing photo of your Grandad and heart warming memories. I lost my Dad to an illness like Alzheimers and it is not fair - but happy memories do help!

  4. What a heartwarming Flashback Friday Mama S and what great photos. I lost my Grandad to Alzheimers too - it's such an awful disease.

    I love your description of your memories of the shop - felt like I was there.


    p.s. Also love the fact one of the kids is putting the 'bunny ear fingers' up behind your Grandad in the second photo :)

  5. He sounds like he was a wonderful grandad, so sorry he passedvaway to such a cruel illness .
    Must have been great fun visiting him in his shop and hearing all his stories :) a lovely flashback x

  6. Thanks Everyone for your lovely comments. Grandad certainly was a fab & very interesting character who is so missed x

    Sarah & Heather - So Sorry you lost your Dad & Grandad to Alzheimers & similar...You must miss them so much, Hugs to you both x

  7. Loved your story, and that photo of your Grandad in his shop is just fantastic.



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