Friday, 20 May 2011

Flashback Friday - He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother

This is photo was taken around 1984/5. I was about 15 and Mum had got a photographer round to the house to take a family photo of me and my younger Brothers. I do actually have five Brothers but the youngest wasn't born at the time of this photo being taken.
Mum had this photo in a frame in our TV room for years and I would cringe everytime I walked past it "Oh Mum, Please take that terrible photo down...I look awful in it!" Mum would laugh and say "Well, I like it so, No!"
Check out the cardboard Flick which probaly had half a can of super hold hairspray on it and I even used to tong it to curl like that. The dress was one of those baggy shirt dress we all used to wear with a belt in the middle and white scrunchy boots. It was my favourite outfit at the time.

Now Im a parent I totally understand why Mum liked the photo so much...I might just put it in a frame myself now as I no longer cringe when I see it...I just remember good times at home with My Brothers.

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  1. Wow 5 brothers! That was a lot of testosterone to handle in your house! you look very demure in that photo and what a great reminder of you and your siblings x
    Ps. I have many photos from school which my mum had on display which I hated seeing on show!

  2. Great photo, I can see why your Mum loved it!

    That's a whole lot of brothers, I can't imagine having that many siblings as I was an only child!

  3. ONe of the nicest things of Flashbacks is looking how we dressed and styled our hair. I had a belted t shirt dress too and boots! The 80's will always be in my heart.
    Love the photo a right proper mum's photo to be proud of

  4. Lovely - I really enjoy looking at old photos.

  5. I see why she liked it, too. It's adorable. Our teenage eyes are so critical! You should definitely put it up!

  6. What a lovely photo. I can't believe you have five brothers!

  7. Wow you must have been quite a force to contend with being a tribe of that size (the Hubster is one of 5 and they are a real force - and all FAB too).
    Love the pic, can imagine that it is really special to have around.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I have a few family photos like that which I really treasure as well. ;)


  9. I can understand why your Mum liked it so much! :o) And FIVE brothers? Wow, you must have had a lively childhood!



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