Friday, 6 May 2011

Flashback Friday - Canadian Cousins 1981

For this weeks Flashback Friday over at Cafe Bebe's I've decided to share a photo one of my Brothers recently tagged me in on Facebook. He has not long returned from Canada and I think he must have got this one from our Auntie who lives over there as I've never seen it before now. It is a photo of me, my Brother and some of my Cousins in our Nan's back garden.

Left to right is My Cousin N, Cousin L, Me in the middle with crimped hair, next to me My Brother S, Cousin I and Cousin L. I reckon it must be around 1981 and I was about 11 years old.

The two boys in the shorts are our Canadian cousins. My Mums Sister moved over there from East London way back when I was six months old. There have been lots of visits over the years with us going there and them visiting us. Whenever our Cousins from Canada visited we would be sooooo excited and it was always a lot of fun to see them. Even though they live so far away we always had a great relationship with each other.

When cousin N (The one of the left in the red shorts) was a teenager my Auntie let him stay in the UK for the whole summer and he took it in turns to stay with all of his UK Cousins, house by house. When he came to stay with us we had a great time camping out in the back garden in Mums trailer tent, we had lots of laughs and many good memories from that trip including the fact that all the local girls thought he was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.

Remember that boy band, right? All the girls were crazy over them and Jordan was the number one heart throb of them all. Anyway my cousin with his thick dark hair, good looks and Canadian accent  did bare some resemblance to Jordan Knight but we were astonished that the girls actually thought it was him. It was hilarious as there would be groupies hanging around outside the front of our house just waiting to catch a glimpse of my cousin.
Jordan Knight

What we didn't realise was my younger Brothers who were around eight years old at the time were charging girls 50p each for the opportunity to meet our Cousin...They were pimping him out, lol! We only discovered my Brothers cheekiness towards the end of the trip, when sadly for us the trip had to end and our Cousin had to return back to Canada. But when we found out what they had been doing we laughed and laughed and laughed and I bet Cousin N chuckled to himself all the way home...

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  1. Ha ha thats a really funny story about the Jordan look alike and pimping him for 50p a go! How wonderful what youndo as kids!
    You were very cool with your crimped hair - that was something I never did with my hair......and I guess never will now!
    Great flashback tale and photo x

  2. Loving your hair Mrs! ;) And admiring your entrepreneurial spirit! ;)
    Thanks so much for taking part again!

    :) Karin

  3. That's brilliant! A fab money making idea! x

  4. That is so funny! Love the pic too.

  5. haha now that really is a killer story - brilliant !

  6. haha now that really is a killer story - brilliant !

  7. haha... that's a funny story! I love looking at your old photos as we're about the same age :) x

  8. Your brother was one step ahead back then hope he's doing well for himself today!
    Brilliant Flashback and love the crimped hair

  9. Hahaha what a great flashback! I love the fact your cousin was pimped out - so funny. Your flashbacks always make me giggle x



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