Friday, 13 May 2011

Flashback Friday - Before and After

For this weeks Flashback Friday over at Cafe Bebe, the lovely Karin set us a little theme of  'Before and After'. I thought I'd share some photos of my lounge when the people who lived here before had the house and then when we had it.
We haven't spent any real money on decorating the lounge, most of its contents are either hand made or purchased from charity shops or ebay.

BEFORE (Boring, Right?)

AFTER (A little more homely?)

BEFORE (Cold and Dull?)

AFTER(Warm and inviting? I Hope)

Pop Over To Cafe Bebe for some more 'Before and Afters'


  1. Wow, what a great lounge, love the underground picture on the wall.

  2. wow, what a change, I love it, looks so cosy

  3. Gorgeous, I could chill out in there with a glass of wine and watching the box.
    You've created a really friendly atmosphere in there

  4. I've already said before on your blog how much I love your lounge so it's great to see how it looked before. I must say it's a million times better. I so want that underground picture, that's fab! x

  5. Wow, amazing how a room can change! Yes, definitely warm and inviting.

  6. Amazing what a splash of colour can do to transform your home!

  7. Your lounge now looks so inviting and comfy. I also like thatnunderground train paining . Great transformations in both your rooms and definitely form the better x

  8. Wow what a transformation, it looks so homely. Just goes to show what you can do even when you don't spend loads of money! :)) x



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