Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dear Granddaughter

Dear Our Five year old Granddaughter,

Today I want to tell you ten things that I Love about you.

1) You bring sunshine - Everytime you come to stay during school holidays you bring sunshine. I have no idea how the hell you do it but you just do

2) Your Fashion advice - I appreciate your advice on fashion but Nanny really can't wear six inch killer heels and pink glittery eyeshadow really doesn't suit Grandad.

3) You make us laugh - The funny little things you say have us in absolute stitches, especially when you copy Grandad's sayings ie: "Holy monkey nuts!" Makes me laugh everytime.

4) The swing park - I think if you could live at the park you would and I have regained my love of swing park trips (Not that you have my arm twisted up my back or anything).

5) Your bedtime stories - I'm soooo relieved to discover I'm not the only child to get a thrill from telling horror stories at age five. I always thought maybe I had a warped sense of imagination, but I know I was just normal and its funny that Grandad gets spooked and has nightmares, lol!

6) How you remind me of your Daddy - When you are around I feel like I have been transported back to when your Daddy was look so like him.

7) You are more perfect than I ever imagined you would be - When me and Grandad were first married and we spoke about one day having Grandchildren we never anticipated the heart bursting love we would feel for you and how special our relationship would be.

8) You remind me how tidy my house usually is - When you are here I let you pull all the toys out, all the shoes, all the art box, rearrange Nanny's photo frames on the mantel and play with my Russaian dolls. Last time you stayed I couldn't find my mobile phone for nearly a month then laughed as we discovered it in a little toy handbag and the bottom of the wardrobe.

9) Your memory - God, I wish I had a memory like yours and I have never ever met another kid with one so good...not ever! That will sure help during future A level exams!

10) Your plastic toy heels - clink, clunk, clink, clunk as we walk to the shops because you insist on wearing them everywhere we go (even in winter with socks on). Makes me laugh as you wiggle along with your handbag swinging...although they are NOT a good idea to ride your bike in!

We Love you so much!

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  1. That was such a sweet post - she really sounds like the light of your life!!! Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. That was so precious! I really think you should print this out and save it for her in a few years!



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