Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ten things to do with the kids on a budget over Easter

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter school break. Kids driving you mad yet? If they are and you have run out of ideas then check my list out for a few more that you might not have thought of. The school holidays can get expensive so what can you do to entertain the kids if you are on a tight budget? Most things I like to do with the kids are getting out and about so hopefully they will feel totally exhausted at the end of the day and crash out nice and early...yay!

1) Geocaching - This is a free activity that uses GPS for a treasure hunt. Basically there are Geocaches all over the world where you look for various hidden treasure boxes with a GPS device. Once you find them you should find a treasure inside. You take a treasure with you and swap it for whatever is in the box. To find out more click here for their website.

2) Grow your own salad garden - All you need is a large pot, a small bag of compost and some mixed lettuce seeds. We have four different types of lettuce growing in different pots. Lettuce is so easy to grow and once the little seedlings start popping through the soil, simply thin out. They will grow quite quickly and the kids often eat it if they have grown it themselves.

3) Pond dipping - C'mon get your wellies on! Pond dipping is a messy business but so much fun and wellies are essential and take a spare pair of bottoms in case the kids slip on their bums. Equipment needed - a net bought very cheaply from places like Wilkinson's, fishing tackle shops, seaside shops etc, a jar or container and sun hats and block if it is sunny. Here is a beginners guide from The Ecological Society

4) Crabbing - If you live within easy reach of the coast then crabbing is a free activity that the kids always enjoy. All you need is a bucket, a crab line, a net and some bacon for bait. Drop your line in and wait for the crabs to bite, collect them in your bucket that you fill with water and let them all go at the end of the day making sure they make it back into the water safely.

5)Visit a Farm - Kids always enjoy a visit to the farm and they are usually very good value for money. They will often have lots of different farm animals for the kids to feed and pet as well as a park and a picnic area. Netmums have a map of  farms in your area here.

6) Build a Fairy or Elf Village - This can keep the kids occupied for hours and can really stretch their imaginations as they look to find things around the house and garden that they can use for the fairy folk.

7) Bug Hunting - Encourage the kids to get excited about nature by collecting bugs like ladybirds, ants or worms. Catching a butterfly or grasshopper is so thrilling for a kid and then later on in the day you could get them to draw what critters they had found that day.

8) Make some Easter nests from melted chocolate and broken up shredded wheat. Mix it all up and form into nest shapes, pop some mini eggs in the middle. So easy to make and the kids love them. Recipe here.

9) Bike Ride to the park - Get the kids bikes out and cycle to the park. If the weather is nice (like it has been here) then you can make a trip to your local park a way of keeping the kids out all day. Take a flask of tea, a bottle of juice and some sarnies. Relax while the kids tire themselves out.

10) Go for a really really long walk. - It doesn't matter where you live there are always places you can go walking and it really knocks the kids out. You don't have to live out in the countryside to enjoy a good walk, even if it means jumping on a bus or train. I buy a family and friends railcard every year and take full advantage of its savings. Before I buy I always look on Google for family railcard voucher codes. This years card cost me £19.50 instead of the usual £26. At the moment their website here is offering 10% off but google first for a voucher...you may just find a bigger discount code.

Any other ideas then let us know...Would love to hear from you?

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