Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spring into my neighbourhood

I Love where I live. I have lived in lots of very different places across the UK from one of the roughest estates in East London to a cottage in North Devon that backed on to the sea but where I am now is where I am happiest. People often say I must have gypsy blood the amount of times I move house but this place is for keeps. 

It is a small riverside town in the middle of nowhere an hour outside London. It is a real old fashioned and quintessentially English town where folk are friendly and chilled out. I am surrounded by water and farm fields and it is gorgeous this time of year so let me take you on a little walk.

We are lucky enough to have a great kids playground on my door step and the local authority have just done it all up. Not that I thought it needed doing in the first place as it was already lovely before. I have lived in some areas that don't even have any kids parks at all so I feel really happy that we have a nice, clean park so local to us.

A five minute walk from my house are miles upon miles of lush farm fields. We often walk over there as pass ponies and llama's.

Everywhere we look at this time of year the fields are a mass of blazing bright yellow from the rapeseed crops. They really are stunning to see and the aroma from the fields is an incredibly strong musky fragrance that I love.

The kids love walking through them as they play hide and seek amongst the tall maze like plants

There are also still a lot of ladybirds around, not quite as many as last month but enough for the kids to pick up and study these intriguing little characters as they let them crawl all over their hands.

As we leave my house one direction we find the farmers fields and in the other we reach the river.

We have been very lucky over the Easter break to have been blessed with lots of very warm sunshine which gives us an excuse to paddle our toes in the rivers water. There is a little spot we like to sit that is really quiet, no-one goes there apart from the odd walker. It is a fab place to listen to the waves and watch the many passing boats.

I Love this time of year in my neighbourhood and feel very lucky to live here



  1. That looks lovely. I want to live where you live :-)

  2. Beautiful photos. I love this glimpse into your neighborhood. You are fortunate to have such gorgeous countryside so near.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's; I also chose this prompt!

  3. Wow, such beautiful spring time photos. I LOVE all the yellow flowers.

  4. Beautiful! What a cute neighborhood!

  5. Oh wow, your pics are beautiful! I love the yellow field of flowers!! You are indeed very lucky!

  6. What an excellent place to be in the spring. Those fields of yellow look like such a great place to spend the day.

  7. Oh how incredibly gorgeous is that!! The rolling fields of yellow flowers and then the river too! Lucky you! And I love that you call the bug a "ladybird" instead of "ladybug". I'll have to tell my daughter.. she loves ladybugs and will delight in calling them "ladybirds"!



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