Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nougat London Hand Cream Review

When I received a packaged in the post from Nougat London, I eagerly unwrapped the parcel and was thrilled to find some of their Nurturing Hand Cream, Very much a welcome product after all the hard digging I have been doing out in the garden and over the allotment recently.

If you haven't heard of Nougat London before they started out as a fashion label in the West End of London in 1990. Their clothing is easily recognisable as being contemporary and extremely feminine. In 2000 they launched a bath and body range, a few years on their sophisticated and luxurious products have gone from strength to strength selling in department stores such as Harrods and John Lewis through to many independent gift boutiques throughout the UK.

Only the finest ingredients are used in their products and they are never, ever tested on animals...big thumbs up from me on that. I opened up my jar of hand cream and had a good sniff, as you do. I was instantly taken back by the very strong but gorgeous fragrance, I rubbed a dollop onto my dry, flaky hands. My hands began to feel soft, really silky and were enjoying the pampering they were receiving as the cream was easily absorbed into my skin without leaving any greasy residue. I kept putting my hands up to my nose to take in the rich aroma of the Tuberose & Jasmine, it really is a lovely fragrance and I am planning on purchasing the same scent in the Eau de Toilette.

The Nurturing hand cream has been specially formulated to help soften and protect hands as well as strengthen nails. It contains the smoothing properties of cocoa butter and hydrating almond & macadamia oils. Also it contains comfrey and vitamin E known to soothe and heal. 

Before I started using the cream on my hands I had a really ugly blister on my finger from digging over the allotment and after a few days of using the cream the hard skin of the blister has completely softened and disappeared.

I really love this product and will be buying it again. Being a gardener my hands really suffer and deserve some luxury pampering each day so I will be buying this product in the future. My teenage Daughter has also been using it and loves it as much as I do, so Nougat London Nurturing hand cream gets two thumbs up from The Syders.

Available in Tuberose & Jasmine, Fig & Pink Cedar and their new fragrance Cherry Blossom. A 200ml glass jar is £15, A 50ml glass jar is £7.

*This product was sent to me free of any charge. I have received no financial reward for writing this review and as a family we always give an honest opinion.

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