Monday, 11 April 2011

Magpie Monday

It's Magpie Monday again over at Me and My Shadow and this week I am quite pleased with my charity shop finds. First thing I spotted was a new denim jacket to wear over my maxi dress during the summer months. It is rare I buy clothes are not a real bargain but I  very nearly bought one very similar for £40 last week, relieved I didn't as I got this one for £1.

I have been meaning to buy a new picnic bag for ages and it just keeps slipping my mind. I got this one for £2. Very pleased with it as it is good as new.

Then I spotted a couple of really nice cook books for £1 each. A low fat one and a great Toddler menu book.

The first thing I will be trying from the low fat book is this veggie ratatouille...It looks yummy.

I love the Toddler Menu book and even though my kids are no longer toddlers I think my 11 year old Daughter and my 5 year old Granddaughter will enjoy the recipes inside. First thing I like the look of are these cute Sandcastle cakes.

The book also has great weekly Toddler menu ideas for ages 18 mths up to 4+ years. Great little book.

So until next week Folks...In the mean time pop over to Me and My Shadow and have a nose around every one Else's bargains this week.


  1. Some great finds there. Must be a lovely feeling to have effectively saved £39 on a new jacket x

  2. oh fab finds especially the jacket :)

  3. I like all your finds this week. With all this sunshine, the picnic bag is vital. I love cookbooks and what fun those sandcastles are! You need to post a pic of you and that jacket with your maxi.
    My finds are over at

  4. Loving that denim jacket and you are right they look great over maxi dresses!

  5. Love the denim jacket, I used to have one that I lived in. I feel I am too old for them now. It will look fab over a maxi dress. Great piccies of the receipes in the cookbook.

  6. What a bargain that jacket was! Amazing.

    Thanks for linking up x

  7. Sounds awaful, but I can't wait for my girls to start pre-school so I can go and visit charity shops in fact ANY shop without them moaning and ruining the whole experience - nice finds :)

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