Monday, 4 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Garden Bargains

For This weeks Magpie Monday over at Me and my shadows blog I have a few garden bargains to show you. First up I spotted this lovely lot of empty pots left at the recycle bins. I've just run out so was thrilled!

A while back I got a water butt for 99p from ebay...will be perfect for the catching water from the chicken coop.

And I also got three compost bins for 99p each from ebay too

Oh and I picked up a retro apron for 50p from the charity shop...Love it!
Pop over to Me and My Shadow for more bargain finds.


  1. Wow! Thrifty finds indeed.

    Three compost bins - that's a whole lorra compost. What you growing?

    Incidentally, do you use your chicken poop in your compost?

    Thanks for linking up xx

  2. great bargains on the water bins and compost butts, they are quite expensive new!

  3. or should that be water butt and compost bins? My brain has turned to compost today!

  4. Thanks Ladies...Lizzie I have an allotment so I grow veggies. The ones in my garden get filled up in no time just from pottering about and yes I do empty chicken poop into them xxx

  5. You look all set and ready for a productive growing season x



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