Monday, 25 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Easter Charity shop Finds

I am really pleased with what I found at the charity shop this week and thrilled to share my finds on Magpie Monday over at Me and my Shadow. First thing I spotted was a lovely new bag in a vintage style fabric. I was instantly drawn to it. It is a New Look bag and I got it for £1.

Perfect for the summer months and I like this shape bag. I have another one very similar that I love but it is in a navy fabric so more of a winter bag really so I was over the moon to spot this nice summery one.

I have been on the look out for some vintage tumblers for ages. I often spot them in pairs or singly but rarely in fours, so when I saw these four I rushed over to the shelf and took them to the till as fast as I could.

It was love at first sight and they instantly took me back to my childhood as Mum had a set just like these ones. I paid 50p each and couldn't pay quick enough...The retro 1970's cut glass is so Gorgeous and perfect for summer BBQ's.

Pop over to Me and My Shadow for some more Bargain Finds.


  1. What a cute bag - my 11yo would adore it too! I had a fab find at a local boot sale

  2. I've got some glasses just like those. I think they were left in a cabinet when we moved into this house :)

  3. The bag is adorable and perfactly on trend too!

  4. Lovely, really pretty bag. Looks in great condition too.
    I am always on the lookout for cut glass, mostly the charity shops around here only sell cheap ones though. Fab price : ) xx

  5. Aww you're all set for summer now!

    The bag is beautiful - Ruby's watching over my shoulder and said it was pretty!

    Love the glasses - I'd have an Ameretto over ice I think!

    Thanks for linking up x

  6. That bag is lovely and the glasses are gorgeous too! x

  7. Such pretty finds, clever you. I recently found an antique brush set with hallmarked silver edges. Now on the lookout for a summer bag similar to yours.

  8. Lovely bag and those tumblers look perfect for chinking huge ice cubes about in as you finish off a G&T

  9. Loving the bargain glasses- they're fabulous! JD and coke please ;-)

  10. Loving the bag, really loving it, the feel of it, the colours, all of it.
    You can never have enough glasses!
    My try is over at



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