Monday, 11 April 2011

Listography - Laminated List


I'm loving Kates Listography this week...Talk about indulge myself in pure fantasy or wot! The theme this week is The Laminated List. You know the one from Friends when Ross is allowed to make a list of five women that in the unlikely event he were ever to bump into could have a one night stand with. This list is easy peasy to me as I have fancied my five for which seems like forever. And Papa if you are reading this 'They aint a patch on you Baby!'

1) My number one without question is Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park. I love his passion when he sings and I could watch him all day long...phwoar!

2) My number two is Jared Leto, the lead singer of 30 seconds to Mars. If I was presented with him and Chester on a plate I would struggle to pick one of them...They are both 'Fit as'.

3)Johnny Depp - Sexy or wot! His eccentricity is the big turn on for me.

4)My number four Jon Bon Jovi would have been my number one twenty years ago buy hey I still fancy the pants off him.

5) Last but not least Fred Durst. I love his bad boy appealing. Wouldn't mind snogging him!


  1. I can appreciate they are hot looking men but I'd only have Mr Depp from your list. Great list though x

  2. Nice list...Jared Leto is beautiful! I like your thinking ;)

  3. Thanks Girls...SAHM - I like em a bit eccentric...and the rockier they look the more I fancy them, lol! x
    And Wendy I'm glad you have a mutual appreciation for Jared...He is hot, lol! x

  4. I'd fight you for Johnny (or Jared for that matter). However I can't stand Linkin Park so he's all yours honey!

  5. Ooh JBJ - yes I still love him, even though he is now 50 odd I guess! Have been in love with him since I was 14 ;-)

    My list varies and wavers a little, but have always liked a rock singers. No members of Guns n Roses anymore though!

    Johnny Depp goes without saying, would also have Wentworth Miller from 'Prison Break', Christian Slater from back in the day (another teen crush, and right now Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood).

  6. Very different list. I would go for Jared, those eyes are gorgeous and he's a bit of a rock star now isn't he? :-)

  7. Yet another great list, I love Jared I can't believe I forgot to add him.

  8. Yes To Jonny and Jared! I will let yoy keep the rest! A great list! x



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