Friday, 1 April 2011

Flashback Friday - One for Mum

As it is Mothers Day this weekend I thought I'd post this weeks Flashback Friday for Mum. This is our 5th Mothers Day without her and I still really really miss her. So here are a couple of my favourites of me and Mum together.

Mum struggled to get me to eat as a baby. I would only eat fruit without a fight so in an attempt to get me to eat baby food Mum had to pull funny faces and wear a funny hat.

The next photo is Me with Mum on one of our many camping trips. Mum was impulsive and there were many times Mum would pick me up from school with the tent in the boot. I sooooo loved it when she did that.

My wedding day, Mum organised the whole event. I was four months pregnant and the wedding arrangements began the moment I discovered I was expecting. Mum made all the arrangements in 11 weeks ...yeah 'shotgun wedding' or what...poor Papa, hehehe!

Nine months before Mum died. We were in one of our fav places here, centre Parcs. Our last holiday together.

Miss you Mum x

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  1. Bless you...that's a wonderful post and perfect tribute to your mum. Thanks so much for sharing it. Hugs to you lovely!


  2. Oh I'm so sorry she's not here with you anynmore but your continuing love for her shines out so strongly, a very touching post. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day x

  3. What a lovely tribute to your mum xx

  4. What a nice way to show you throughout the years with your Mum. She sounded lots of fun with the camping! Where would we be without photo's :-) xx

  5. She sounded like such a great lady! Love the pics, the picture with your mum trying to feed you made me smile, thanks for sharing! Emma

  6. You made me cry a little...such a touching post. I so love that first photo of her being silly to try and make you eat.

    What lovely memories of a lovely lady.

    Hugs x

  7. In the pics you can tell by her smile that she loved being your mum. Lovely tribute to her.

  8. What a touching post dedicated to your lovely mum. I love the first photo especially - the lengths mum's have to go to! Xx



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