Friday, 29 April 2011

Flashback Friday - My First Born Turns 21

Today is the much anticipated Royal Wedding that I am soooooo excited about however this weekend we also celebrate our first Born's 21st birthday, so I thought I'd put together a post of him throughout the years for this weeks Flashback Friday over at Cafe Bebe.

When I found out we were expecting First Born I decided I wanted a home water birth. Mum was going to hire me a birthing pool and I planned on giving birth at home surrounded by my family. However it wasn't to be as I was told I needed to have an elective C-section and that I would always need one in the future due to a small pelvis.

I was devastated but quickly realised that as long as baby gets here safely then who the hell cares which mode of transport he uses.
My Baby Boy did arrive safely and because I choose to be put under anesthetic for my first C-Section I didn't get to hold him first...Papa and My Mum did.

This first photo is my Mum holding her first Grandchild.

First Born first begins to sit up on his own

He gets his first teeth

His first paddling pool

His First Birthday

His first encounter with chickens

And goats, everyday we would visit our local city farm in London

His first time as a wedding guest with his little Brother, our second born

One of his many bouncy castle birthday parties in our back garden, seen here in the middle with his brother and one of his best friends each side. First and second born's birthdays are a month apart and being on 13 month age gap they shared the same friends so every year they had a joint birthday party. I'd entertain at least 25 - 30 kids at these parties and they were great fun.

As he starts secondary school

And becomes a teenager

Now he is a young man and a Dad himself but he will always be my Baby Boy Happy 21st to our first baby.

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  1. Wha a gorgeous baby and little boy he was - those big blueneyes and blonde hair. His daughter has the same features :) what a lovely post dedicated to your first born x
    Ps. Meant to say this last week, but I like your new header



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