Friday, 8 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Jersey 1981

For this weeks Flashback Friday over at Cafe Bebe I am sharing a photo from 1981. Mum and Dad divorced that year. I was eleven and I remember feeling so shocked. My parents never argued in front of us so the split came as a huge surprise.
That year life changed so much. Mum sold the house that she had self-built with Dad and bought a house half the size in another part of town. I was sad to leave our house but excited about our new house mainly because it backed on to a park...yippee! Every kids dream!

To cheer us up Mum took me and my then three brothers (I have five now) off on holiday to Jersey. We had a back pack each and a tent. When I look back it was so brave of Mum to venture off on her own with four kids and a tiny tent but I didn't realise how brave until I had kids of my own.

We had a fabulous two weeks and met loads of other kids from all over the world, in fact we called ourselves the 'Rose Farm' gang after the campsite we were on. The memories from this campsite are so ace that I even took Papa and my four kids to stay on the same site some 20 years later. My kids loved it just as much and it really brought home to me how difficult the holiday must have been for Mum on her own.

Later on in life when I mentioned the holiday to Mum she told me it was one of the loneliest times of her life. Well, she certainly did not show it and put on a strong face for us kids. The holiday did do me and my brothers the world of good during a stressful time, its just a shame Mum felt so sad and couldn't enjoy Beautiful Jersey too.

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  1. Isn't it amazing seeing one event from 2 different points of view, your mum sounds like a very brave woman and I agree the thought of taking my 2 boys on holiday alone scares me let alone a further 2 more

  2. Great family photo. Your poor mum putting on such a brave face for her children - doing what any mum would do. I agree that taking 4 of you away is a brave thing to have done aswell x

  3. aw, that is such a lovely memory, a bittersweet one. My parents separated when I was 11 adn I took it hard too but am so amazed at the strength and courage of my mum. She held down two jobs in order to cover mortgage payments and treat us to holidays as well. Tehy were made of a tough cloth back then and hopefully some of that strength filters down

  4. Your mum sounds very brave, and what a bittersweet memory. My parents divorced when I was young and although I found it difficult at the time, it means they are a lot happier now. x

  5. Bless! Isn't it interesting that you never knew that it wasn't a happy time for your mum?! She was obviously good at making sure you all had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing with this week's Flashback Friday! ;)


  6. Great photo and great story. Your mum was very brave taking you all away, and helping you make fabulous memories during such a stressful time. x

  7. Your Mum sounds amazing! I hope her bravery helped her healing ans she went on to find her own happy ever after too.

  8. You know what? This bit

    "she told me it was one of the loneliest times of her life"

    brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

    So interesting to see your different perspectives on that time.

    A lovely bittersweet post.


  9. Reading that post made me cry. Your Mum is a wonderful woman, putting her children first and ensuring they had a holiday to remember when she herself was feeling like that...well that is only something a mother would do, she is an inspiration to us all x

  10. Thankyou ladies for your lovely comments. Mum was a tough cookie xxx



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