Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton were pronounced Man and Wife at Westminster Abbey as they made their vows in front of nearly 2000 guests yesterday and watched by 24 million people on TV in the UK, 2 billion globally.

Wasn't it a day to remember...the Royal couple official now named The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did Blighty proud as they tied the knot. I enjoyed every bit of it as I tucked in to my cupcakes and trifle. So what were my favourite bits of The Royal Wedding?

Well, I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or two as William entered Westminster Abbey with his little brother Harry and I gasped as I saw Kate's beautiful dress. Designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen the dress was stunningly simple with a 50's Grace Kelly twist.

Equally as glamorous were The Queen, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Mother of the bride Carole Middleton. The Queen added a ray of sunshine to the day by wearing a primrose two piece suit designed by Angela Kelly. Camilla's champagne and duck egg blue outfit was designed by Anna Valentine and carole wore a gorgeous sky blue creation by one of Princess Diana's favourites Catherine Walker.

The ceremony was fab and I let out a little "Awwwww!" as Prince William turned to Kate and said "You look beautiful...You are beautiful"

As they made their way to Buckingham Palace via an open topped horse drawn carriage they looked happy and relaxed as they smiled and waved to the crowds. Prince William let out a little "Phew!" as he arrived at Buckingham Palace as if to say "Thank God that's all over!" Bless him, it must have been a very stressful build up for them both.

When the newly weds walked out on to the balcony of Buckingham Palace Kate gasped "WOW!" as she saw the huge crowd of people waiting to see the couple and wish them well.

Then there was THE KISS.

I love the little cheeky surprise we were all treated to as the couple speed away from Buckingham Palace in the Aston Martin convertible Prince William borrowed from his Dad. Such a fantastic little touch that reminded us that they are just a normal couple on their wedding day as balloons and ribbons swayed in the breeze from the back of the car.

So what about the cake I hear you ask?

It was created by cake maker Fiona Cairns and it took five exhausting weeks to complete.

The masterpiece was eight tiered and covered in 900 sugar paste flowers.

Prince William also requested a chocolate cake made from a favourite royal recipe by McVities.

So then for the evening reception Kate changed into another creation by Sarah Burton that was just as stunning as the day dress. Rumour has it that guests partied the night away until 3am.

A Right Royal Knees up then!


  1. What a lovely post about the Royal Wedding, great that you got photos of the cakes and Catherine in her evening outfit - I did wonder what the cake was like.

    I agree, they are just an ordinary couple like the rest of the world and it was good to see the car dressed up as is tradition.

    I've done my only little post on the Royal Wedding too. I shed a tear when the boys drove through the Arch which they walked through behind their mother's coffin - I so wish she could have been there on the day - so sad that she's no longer around.

    I loved Catherine's dress, it was beautiful and not too over the top.

  2. She did look amazing, as do those cakes. Her waist is absolutely tiny in that evening gown - like a Sindy doll.

  3. congradulations! you have been awarded the versatile blogger award

  4. a lovely post - nice choice of photos!

  5. Oh fab. We didn't see the bit in the car or the cake or the rest. Nice to see these photos.

    We watched until they kissed on the balcony and then the presenters just bored us to death with the same questions to on-lookers.


  6. What a day it was!!!! Watched it twice with two different groups for a total of 6 hours! Such fun and lots of tea and scones to go with it. Everything was perfect!!!



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