Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dri Pak Liquid Soda Crystals Review

When I received a bottle of  Dri pak liquid soda crystals in the post I was really eager to try it out, not because I love housework...Hell No. Reason being I am always on the look out for good 'green' cleaning products as most I have tried are rather disappointing to say the least. I'm a busy Mum so I really don't have the time to make up my own cleaning products from natural ingredients so to be presented with a natural product that is all ready to use appeals to me.

Dri Pak are a small family run business spanning three generations, a business who try their best to take the sustainable route as much as possible. Their 'clean and natural' range consists of soap flakes, soda crystals and various other environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are also very keen to keep packaging to a minimum and use recycled and recyclable materials whenever practical.

First thing that I needed to do was clean the hob after Papa had cooked me a lovely Mothers Day roast. He is a super cook but always makes soooo much mess. Normally to clean the hob I would use my scratchie but with the liquid soda crystals I just squirted it on, left it for five minutes and it all just wiped clean with my dish cloth. No hard work involved and it came up really shiny.

I also cleaned our BBQ grill with it and found it very easy to clean the black grease off ...again no hard work or heavy scrubbing involved.

Aside from cleaning the oven another thing liquid soda crystals is good for is removing fake tan. Have you ever applied fake tan, spent ages making sure it was rubbed in all lovely and even with no streaky bits, got it looking gorgeous only to realise the palms of your hands are so orange they look like they belong to an umpa lumpa? Well, quite by accident after helping 'The Teenager' apply her tan to her back we discovered the liquid soda crystals very easily removes fake tan from our palms of hands. Usually removing this stuff is a bit of a chore, spending ages in the bathroom with a nail brush trying to scrub the stuff off. We squirted a little on our palms and hey presto we have our pink palms scrubbing involved.
*Please be careful if you have sensitive skin. I must admit my hands usually are quite sensitive to cleaning products and even some mild washing up liquids make my fingers itch but I have been fine using this product.*

At the same time as applying the fake tan some accidentally got wiped on my favourite pink top. I had that horrible gutted feeling thinking "Oh crap, I'll never get this out!" then Papa said "Why not try some of that soda crystal stuff you got sent?"
"Oh yeah, Good thinking says on the leaflet it removes stubborn stains, lets give it a go and really test this stuff out!"

So we applied it to the stain, gave it a little rub and shoved it in the washing machine. To be honest I didn't hold out much hope of completely removing the stain but hey it was worth a try.
You cant really tell in the photo below but the stain in the photo on the left really was quite dark, it looked like a nasty coffee stain. When I took the top out of the wash the stain had 100% completely vanished! I was gobsmacked.
Then I walked into the kitchen and 'The Teenager' had been dying her hair. Not thinking about how difficult permanent hair dye is to remove if it gets on anything, she split some on my worktop. I moaned at her and said "How the hell am I going to get that out!" Assuming I'd need to rush out and buy some bleach I thought I'd try the soda crystals. Again I squirted a big dollop onto the stain and left for 20 minutes, came back and simply wiped with an old towel. It had vanished...No bleach needed.
So overall my opinion is 'This stuff is fabulous!'. It is my new favourite cleaning product and I will be buying it on a regular basis. I urge you to give it a try.
Available from various supermarkets or from the Dri Pak website here priced at £6.56 for six bottles £7.00 P&P. Working out at just over £2 inc P&P a bottle I think it is very reasonable for such a top quality 'Green' product.

This product was sent to me free of any charge. I have received no financial reward for writing this review and as a family we always give an honest opinion.

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  1. Excellent, just got some myself, will give it a try, thanks for the review...



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