Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Down on the allotment in April

Yesterday I spent a few hours over the allotment. It was a beautiful day which makes working on the lottie a real pleasure. I have been in a bit of a panic because my neighbour has had his spuds in for two weeks already and as I scan the allotments quite a few others have too, although on Twitter and the forums most people are not putting theirs in until next week so I don't think I'm that late after all. 

First thing I did was check on my seedlings that I planted about three weeks ago here. I'm disappointed with my cabbage as they are really leggy. They usually do this if they are too warm so ideally I should have taken them out of the cold frame last week to cool off. I need to start over again with these and re-seed.
The Kale is doing ok and growing nicely so I just thinned them out.

They look a little leggy too but I think if I bury them a bit deeper they will be fine. It is the first time I have grown Kale and after reading it has cancer fighting properties I'm pretty keen to try growing it. Of course Kale is not the only food known to be able to starve off cancer, other fruit & vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cabbage, chili's, garlic, raspberries, grapes, seaweed, Green tea and tomato's are also great for the same reason.

I have two tomato plants poking their heads through the soil and one of my chili plants has popped through too. I'll be keeping a close eye on these as I eager to grow chili for chutney later in the year.

Plenty of digging was needed over the lottie. I wish I had done what the people on the plot next to me had done. They covered their plot with carpet and old tent sheets throughout the winter. We looked on with jealous eyes as they peeled back the coverings to reveal weed free soil. No digging needed...Lucky devils.

I was delighted to see my purple sprouting broccoli was ready to be harvested as last week there were no signs of the pretty broccoli heads and I was a little worried they had been unsuccessful. They take a whole year to grow and a few fellow allotmenteers had warned me that they are not always easy to grow so as you can imagine I am thrilled.

All I needed to do with these was to snip out the main Mother head in the middle of the plant which will encourage some more growth from the side shoots. I took quite a lot home and we had it with our tea last night. Yummy.
As I walked home past the recycle bins I spotted that someone had disposed of lots of empty pots...Much to my delight as I have run out and really hate to buy more. I was going to use empty loo rolls so these will save me the bother.

So how are things going with your growing...Have you got your spuds in yet and how are your seedlings coming along? Would love to hear from you.

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  1. I am seriously taking in everything you mention about your garden, as we are planning to start one this year. Its still too cold here in the midwest of USA but people are starting to prep the ground... good luck with yours!



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