Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Dogs DooDah's Personalised Card Review

We are a household who just love to play pranks on people and Papa plays the biggest and best. I would go as far as saying He is a Master of 'Gotcha's' so when the lovely people over at The Dog's Doodah's asked me if I would like to try out their personalised card and gift website I jumped at the chance. On their website I spotted a spoof Royal Wedding invite and just couldn't resist ordering one.

As you all know I'm crazy for the Royal couple, think they are a gorgeous pair and am sooooo excited for the wedding on Friday. Papa does not sure my enthusiasm for the Royals but as he has just shared his birthday with the Queen I thought a Royal wedding invite would be such a fun prank to play on him. I didn't realise just how much fun though.

I clicked on The Royal wedding Spoof invite on their website and began personalising my card. It was really quick and easy to do and you can go back at any time and change it if you want to.

This morning the card arrived addressed to Mr and Mrs Syder. Papa opened it and suddenly yelled "We have only been invited to the bloody Royal wedding!" Struggling to keep a straight face I said "No way, You are pulling my leg!" "I swear I'm not!" he replied "Here, read for yourself!" as he thrust the card in my face.

I opened the card and read ...

Mr and Mrs Syder

As you share your birthday with Prince Williams Grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen you are formally invited to join us for the Royal Wedding.

William and Kate

It took Papa at least 15 minutes for the penny to drop that it was actually a prank. I laughed so hard that My neighbours came rushing in asking what all the commotion was.
Oh what fun that card was!

Available from The Dog's Doodah's priced at £3.50 plus P&P. Check out their website because they have tons of other fun cards and gifts that you can personalise. Great products and I will be shopping there in the future so friends and family...beware, hehehe!

*This product was sent to me free of any charge. I have received no financial reward for writing this review and as a family we always give an honest opinion.

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  1. so funny!!!! a fantastic post just in time for tomorrow.



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