Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tips for watching The Royal Wedding in London

1.5 million wedding watchers are expected in London for the Royal Wedding. People will be travelling from all over the World to catch a glimpse of the newly weds in their carriage. The atmosphere will be unforgettable...A real moment in time never to be forgotten. That is why I will be jumping on the tube and joining in on the celebrations.

If you are planning on being there too then it is advisable to plan your day in advance. Decide which tube station you will use, plan where you would like to watch the wedding, download a map of the Royal parks and make sure you know where the public loo's are.

Tube stations:

Stations close to the procession route are: Embankment, Charing Cross, Waterloo, Westminster, Hyde Park Corner and Green Park. For stations that wont be as busy and you don't mind walking then go to Piccadilly Circus or Sloane Square. Step free access will be at Westminster. Victoria and Charing Cross stations are expected to be the busiest.

Within the next week or so I will be ordering our flags and hats for the day probably from Woolies online . I strongly advise buying these before you go because the kids will only whinge for them when you get there and in London they will be very very expensive. Prices in Woolies at the moment are; Bowler hats - 99p each, Red, white and Blue Flower Lei - 99p each and Pack 12 flags - £4.99.

Once you have all your union jack stuff to wave at the Royals make sure you have a Thermos flask for tea/coffee, a waterproof jacket or even better cheap rain capes that fold flat in your bag, I got mine for 99p each from a local factory shop. A loo roll or tissues in case the public loo's run out. Take a picnic and some cold drinks for the kids as soft drinks will be pricier than usual in London on the day.

Pack it all in a back pack which leaves your hands free for waving your flags and lifting the kids up to see. Wear comfy shoes, you'll be on your feet a lot. Fully charge your mobile phone and camera battery the night before. Set off early.

The Procession

10.30am - Prince William and Kate will travel separately to the service. Kate will travel by royal car either from Buckingham Palace or Clarence House and head along the Mall, cross the Horse Guards Parade and head towards Parliament Square.

11:00am - The ceremony will start at Westminster Abbey.

12:00pm – The newly married couple will proceed along the same route back to Buckingham Palace via horse-drawn carriage, The 1902 State Landau which is the same carriage Charles and Di used for their 1981 wedding. This is weather permitting, if it rains they will travel in The Glass coach.

1:30pm - William and Kate should be making an appearance on the balcony at Buckingham palace to hopefully kiss and wave to the crowds.

(photo source - London wedding car)

Prime viewing Spots

1) You might struggle to reach the number one spot but the wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey, so if you can get there and don't mind a little pushing and shoving head that way.

(Photo source - The Fine Print)

Warning - It will be heaving here so if you really want to view from Westminster get there early. People will be picking their spots from dawn or even camping overnight.

2) My personal favourite is The Mall although I'm expecting it will be chocka block with watchers. I Love the wide open, tree lined red road which will of course be closed to traffic. This is probably where I will head as it is smack bang in the middle of St James Park which will be buzzing and have a carnival atmosphere. If I don't get a good spot here I will probably head down the road to Trafalgar Square where a giant screen will be broadcasting the event.

( Photo source - Ask jeeves)

3) Horse Guards Parade which is situated at the bottom of The Mall will also be very busy but will be a good place to watch.
4) Whitehall and Parliament Square are prime spots also, however I expect these area's will be extremely crowded as they are so close to Westminster Abbey.

(photo source - Wikipedia)

5) Duke of York Statue - A less obvious spot, the steps under the statue will be a good view point - The statue faces southwest towards where The Mall and St James Park meet.
(photo source - qwiki)

*St James's Park - (Download park map) here you will find a bar, barbecue, ice creams and a party atmosphere.

*Toilets - You will also find two sets of lav's in the park - one north of Blue Bridge, at the other at the east end of the park opposite Horse Guards. There are also loo's beneath the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, opposite the Abbey. There will be portaloos dotted about in various places.

*Hyde Park - You will find a giant screen broadcasting the event. In the middle of the park near the Bandstand in Serpentine Road there is the celebration wheel which is quite reasonably priced at £20 for 2 adults & 2 children plus if you book in advance online you will get a discount of 10%. 

(photo source - Matluckins)

* The London Eye will be lit up at night in red, white and blue but I'll be on my way home by then knackered.

* Big Screens will be located across the UK broadcasting the wedding so if you can't make it into London and would rather stay local then check out the locations here.

So will you be celebrating the Royal wedding? If so how? Popping into London, watching it on TV or a street party?


  1. We're going to London for the wedding, and probaby heading to either Hyde Park or maybe The Mall if I'm feeling brave.

    I'm not taking the children, I've ummed and ahhed over it but my son is still only 3 and a real whinger when it comes to walking anywhere so I suspect it would be a hellish day!

  2. Awww bless him, yeah this sort of day trip for some kids is awful.

    I'm actually expecting my 11 yr old to whinge but then she will also moan if I dont take her so I can't really win, lol. We took her to the Mall for the Golden jubilee when she was 2 and she was as good as gold. I'm just hoping for the best, lol x

  3. Excellent post.... it makes me want to come to London!
    I've finally been given the day off...yippee!!! I will be watching it at home but I plan to get a few flags to wave. Would love to watch it on the big screen, didn't know about that :) x

  4. Hi Josie-Mary, Ya...Glad you got the day off! I'd be so upset if I had to work that day. Hope you enjoy it...and yes check that Big screen website out...there might be one near you x



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