Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Soundtrack to My Life

Stay At Home Mum and loving it took part in a meme that I love and couldn't wait to jump in on. I thought it would be so easy to go away and compile a soundtrack to my life but it really was difficult, simply because I struggled to whittle down the songs. I've gone with the tunes that have always meant something to me.

I was raised on The Drifters. My Dad had everyone of their albums and singles on vinyl. The first music I ever remember playing on our record player was 'Saturday night at the movies'. My eldest Brother and I went on to love playing Dads Drifter records and becoming big fans of Old Soul I later learnt it was the first present my Mum bought my Dad back in 1964

Throughout my childhood I listened to all sorts from The Osmond's to Gary Numan and my first ever single that I bought was Gary Numan - Cars in 1979. Every Sunday night I'd switch the radio on and listen to the top 40. Then in 1983 Madonna appeared on 'Top of the pops' singing 'Holiday'. I was 13 yrs old and in total awe of her. I loved the way she sang, danced and most of all how she dressed. From that moment on I wanted to be Madonna...I idolised her. 'Into the Groove' album was played over & over & over on my record player as I dressed up like my idol dancing around my bedroom while my Mum screamed up the stairs to "turn that racket down!"

I was also really into Billy Idol and 'Rebel Yell' reminds me of my rebellious years as I caused my poor Mum hell, running away and generally being wild. It was a crazy couple of years that I could quite easily write a book about...I experienced more in that time than some people experience in a whole lifetime.

During this period I got heavily into Pink Floyd and literally lived, day in & day out in 'My Dark side of the Moon' T-shirt that I purchased from Romford Market for a fiver.

I became a 'Head Banger' and would thrash my head around like a complete nutter to ACDC after drinking far too much cider with my mates. Good Times...and some not so good.

Most people who know me would be extremely disappointed if at this point I left out Meatloaf - Paradise by the dashboard light. It is the only song I can ever remember all the words to and if its played anywhere I go I will sing to it. Love it!

Then in 1987 I met and fell in love with Papa. I was 17...He was 16. It was Love at First sight and My life changed over night. Clime Fisher's - love Changes Everything is 'our Song'.

Throughout our married life I have loved tons of different music from Take That to Marilyn Manson.
I have Loved Nelly, Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys, The Prodigy, Amy winehouse...the list is just endless.

During my 20's after the kids were dropped off at school I would play N.E.R.D's - Rockstar full blast in the car...window panes shaking and people staring at traffic lights. I didn't care!

Then Mum died. At her funeral we played Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold

I was crushed...I know it sounds a bit cheesy but music helped me get through my grief. Jared Leto helped me through my grief. It was the darkest time in my life.

Then we moved house to North Devon...Her Beauty and tranquility healed my broken heart and every time I hear Jason Mraz - I'm yours it transports me as if by magic back to the wide sandy beach of Westward Ho!

Now I'll finish with Jared Leto again. I love the lyrics to this song.
Don't regret anything you ever do because in the end it makes you who you are.


  1. With you on the drifters guess I have your dad also to blame lol I'm ver sad donny didn't make it onto listxxx

  2. With you on the drifters guess I have your dad also to blame lol I'm ver sad donny didn't make it onto listxxx

  3. Lol...I did mention the Osmonds Auntie xxx

  4. oh i love some of these songs!!! x

  5. A great collection of tunes!

    I'm so glad you joined in, really enjoyed reading that.


  6. Fabulous post! You've given me the kick up the a*se I needed to complete mine. x



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