Saturday, 12 March 2011

Raspberries, horse poo, tomato's and Tea

It's time to make a start on my seeding for this years crop so I dug out my seeds, dusted of my pots, sliced opened a bag of compost and got stuck in. I love the rich earthy smell of the compost as I fill my pots. My black painted fingernails becoming filled with earth. I love the smells and the feeling of excitement as I carefully bury the seeds into the compost.
Our bouncy boxer keeping me and my very clucky hens company. The hens were thrilled to see me working in the garden, busying away instead of just dipping out to feed them. They really love our company and chat away to me as I work.

I seeded tomato's, cabbage, kale, peppers and chilli now all nicely lined up in a cold frame that the boy's bought me for my birthday last year. I have loads more to seed but will get on with that next week.
Then on with our wellies for a trip down to the allotment. Papa dug over some more while I weeded my raspberry canes. Following the advice of my neighbour, an experienced allotment owner we covered them with some yummy horse manure, hopefully to give them some extra nutrients. I didn't do that last year and was a bit disapointed with my raspberry crop so lets see if horse manure will make much of a difference this year. I'm keen to make jam from them this year so fingers crossed I get a bumper crop.

Exhausted, we sat down on our little bench with a nice warm cuppa from my Thermos admiring how much we had got done today and enjoying the peace of the lottie.


  1. I really must get my seeds potted up too as time is getting on but I haven't ventured out into the garden yet as it has been a bit chilly.

  2. I wish i could get my veggies on the go! happy sunday xxxx



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