Sunday, 6 March 2011

Magpie Monday - Vintage Pyrex

My entry for Lizzie's Magpie Monday this week is the fab box of vintage pyrex - 'The original oven to table glassware' that I found in my local charity shop last week. The whole box was only a fiver and it was in immaculate condition. Every time I scan the crockery shelves in a charity shop I look for lots of different things but I do particularly love it when I spot pyrex. The retro designs are usually bright and vibrant against the clean white glassy look of the crockery and bakeware.

The majority of my haul was the popular 60's 'Chelsea' and 'checkers' design of blue snowflakes and blue & green checks. Most of our Mum's and Nan's had a set of these and they evoke childhood memories for me. My new collection included steak and regular plates, bowls, side plates, tea cups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug and a gravy boat.
My new stash also included a triangular refrigeration dish which are unusual to find in a charity shop these days. I love these as they are so cute looking and convenient for storing half tins of soup, beans etc in the fridge or to bake small pies or crumbles in the oven. And here's some being used in an old advert

I have two types of bowls...soup and cereal
and some cereal bowls in the gorgeous funky 'carnaby tempo' design again from the 60's from a previous charity shop find.

And this adorable and very pretty summery water jug in the 70's
'acropal' design. Originally this jug would have had an orange lid but I still love it without and I still get a lot of use out of it.

I'm so thrilled with my bargain this week as I lovingly use every single piece.

Please Pop over to ' Me and My Shadow' for Magpie Monday and check out everyone else's super second hand finds.

Me and My Shadow


  1. Wow they are lovley and if I remember rightly from my younger days, they are also very weighty!

    I can remember my mum making 'plate pie' on a pyrex plate, happy days! What a great find, useful and practical and above all a bargain!

  2. oh those bring back memories i think my nan used to have that set :)
    really nice find x

  3. Oh! Oh! LOVE that Carnaby Tempo design and you know I love Chelsea. I have that jug with some cups and saucers, so cute.
    I can't believe you got such a great find. Score.

  4. Ahh yes, my Nan had those casserole dishes and now my mum uses them. To be honest, I never really thought they did entire dinner services, I've always thought of Pyrex as ovenware.

    What a great stash for a fiver.

    Thanks for linking up your treasure x

  5. What an amazing find. They look in immaculate condition. Obviously from a home of someone who like me loves pretty things but doesn't cook ! ha!
    Fantastic price too.
    I really am loving MagpieMonday and all the new people I am meeting xx

  6. wow, my mum had and still has the orange flowers and my MIL had the blue set. memories.

  7. What a lot you got! FIVE POUNDS!! Amazing xx

  8. Wow what a lovely set and all for a fiver...that's amazing. Takes me back to my childhood days, we had lots of this stuff in our house too. x

  9. One of the things I love about Magpie Monday is how it reminds us to appreciate the old-style stuff.
    Wonderful finds so well done you!
    My lot of trash or treasure is at

  10. I managed to get to goodwill on Saturday (our charity shop) and found some great things! I should take pictures.....

  11. Thanks everyone...Im chuffed with it. Love all your treasures too and Heather you should join in, We would love to see what you got from Goodwill x

  12. LOVE it! You are so lucky to find such a stash. Totally reminds me of my grandparents who had similar sets.

  13. Amazing - what an absolute bargain! There are a lot of ladies in blogland who would fight you tooth and nail for that much pyrex! x

  14. Such a great find! Reminds me really fondly of my grandmas house, love that cozy warm vintage feel, fab x



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