Monday, 21 March 2011

Magpie Monday - Vintage books

For this weeks Magpie Monday over at Me and My shadow it was suggested that we look out for something funny or red for comic relief but I couldn't find anything to fit the theme so I thought I'd show you some Vintage books that have fallen into my possession over the years.

Going back about ten years ago Second born Son come running in the house with a huge dusty old book under his arm. He was about nine years old and he squealed with delight as he struggled to lift the big heavy book onto our dining table. "Where on earth did you get that?" I asked as my eyes scanned the the gold embossed lettering of the Holy Bible on the front cover.

"I found it in a skip Mum" he replied all excited.

I opened the black front cover and was taken back by the vivid colours on the introduction page
I wasn't expecting such colourful detail. The book is a 1975 family edition, King James old & new testament.

Inside there are pages to be filled in for births, marriages, deaths and military records.

Other pages are glossy and bright. Here are he pages for the Ten commandments.

The detail really is something special

I'm not in the slightest religious but I appreciate the Books beauty.

There are also prints of famous bible paintings...

like The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the elder ca. 1520 – 1569

And MICHELANGELO, Creation of the Sun and Moon, 1508-1512 Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, Rome.

The book is full of various biblical masterpieces.

Second Son was thrilled with his skip find, bless him.

The next book I'd like to share is a charming Trex cookery book from 1954 that I picked up in a charity shop in North Devon for 50p.

The foreword is written by Miss P.L Garbutt, who at the time was the Principal of the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Trex fat is described in the book as containing 'more vitamin - D than best summer butter'

Every page you turn there are really cute retro drawings that I just love.

The recipes are fab too.

And its full of kitsch photo's that are just yummy.

There is even a Christmas section

Which of course is so much fun to read.

Then this week at my local charity shop I picked up a few horsey books for my eleven year old and I spotted a book that I had as a child.

Happy Hours Story book by Enid Blyton

is a book full of short stories perfect for bedtime reading.

I love the cute black & white illustrations inside and flicking through the pages too me back thirty years...Fab find for 20p.

Pop over to Me and My shadow and have a nose at what the other Magpies have found.


  1. Beautiful books, particularly loving the Trex cook book and the kids story book, proper retro! x

  2. My mum had that Trex cookbook!

  3. The bible is amazing and must be worth a lot of money wiht all those colourful illustrations.
    Love all old cookbooks and Enid Blyton seems to be a regular Magpie Monday fave.
    Loving Magpie Monday as always

  4. Wow! Imagine throwing a beautiful bible like that away! Even if religion is not your thing, surely you would appreciate the beauty of that book.
    What a clever boy for picking it up.
    I can remember the Trex cookbook, it was never used, but I remember it ! ha.
    Great post xx

  5. That Enid Blyton book took me back - I remember reading it as a child. I did so love her books.

  6. What great books, that bible is beautiful x

  7. Wow great finds. Love that you trained up your son so young LOL.

    I found a book recently that I had as a kid, it's such a strange feeling isn't it when you vauguely remember something, then the pictures bring it all back.

    Thanks for linking up x

  8. I love the photos in old cookery books, especially the lurid ones in 60s cookbooks!

  9. I can't believe that beautiful Bible was found in the skip!!! If you read that Bible from cover to cover you will find that there really is a heaven and that Christ has provided a way for us to go there one day.



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