Monday, 14 March 2011

Magpie Monday - A montage & a driftwood table

Today's magpie Monday over at Me and my shadow's blog I decided to show you a few of the second hand things I've used in my lounge. My coffee table that Papa made me last October is more 'upcycled' more than 'second hand' but I guess they kinda mean the same thing. I Love to see new usable stuff created from old materials. It was made from driftwood found by the river we live next to and You can read about here My New Coffee table. The union jack tray on the table was found in the charity shop for £1.50.

I love photo montage walls and I have made a start on one in my lounge. All the frames are from the charity shop and range in price from 50p up to £2 each. I still have the other half of the wall to finish so I'm still on the lookout for nice shaped frames.

Pop over to Me and My shadow to see what the other Magpie's have found.

Me and My Shadow


  1. Wow, that tray was a bargain. It really fits in with your cushions too.

    Love the look of that coffee table and the story behing it. I'm off to read all about that now.

    Thanks for linking up xx

  2. your lounge looks fab!! when can I come for tea ;-)

  3. The table is lovely and love all the frames great buys :)

  4. Gorgeous and soooo on trend with the union jack bits and bobs. Your lounge looks so warm and inviting. LOVE IT xx

  5. So lovely, I want to come and stay at your house! I love the photo montege on your wall, and it just goes to show you can make your house beautiful without spending a fortune. Bx

  6. I've said it before but PLEASE will you adopt me? I love your house sooooo much.

    That tray is such a great find!


  7. I want to move in!
    I love the whole look of your lounge and the tray is a real find and a proper tray too.
    My finds and themed this week are over at

  8. I love your wall of pictures and would love to do something similar.

  9. Gorgeous lounge, thanks for sharing all your thrifty ways. Coffee table looks fab!



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