Saturday, 26 March 2011

Listography - Time Travel

Ok so jump aboard my time machine and let me show you the places I would visit as part of this weeks Listography over at Kate Takes 5. The theme is Time Travel.

First stop back to the early 90's when me and Papa were a young family in our early 20's. I'd pack us all up and move us onto an eco village in the woods. A village a bit like Tinkers Bubble in Somerset but it would be in North Devon by the sea, where I would spend my days growing our food, making soap, home schooling my kids and surfing.

Next stop is definately to the future and the day we discover a cure for Cancer. I would grab some of the the cure and bring it back for my Mum so she would never have died from it. Mum would then join me at the eco village.

Then I would zip ahead to the future again a good few thousand years to the day we make communication with extra terrestrials. Now this could go one of two ways...either really good or really really bad. Either way it's a moment in time that I'd love to witness.

Next stop the Neolithic period and Wiltshire for Silbury Hill and Avebury stone circle at the time of construction. I would love to see how it was built and more importantly WHY? They would be bombarded with questions. As Avebury is older than Stonehenge the reason for its existance would probally be the same for stonehenge. Archaeologists believe that Wiltshire and particularly Silbury Hill was a very important area and they even believe that the Egyptians got their idea for the pyramids from Silbury Hill. Very Cool place.

And Lastly I would visit my ancestors in Barnstaple, North Devon and tell them not to go to London for work but to become fishermen instead and continue to raise their family in the countryside. I'd also make sure I popped over to see Papa's ancestors and persuade them to move to Devon too (Just to guarantee me & Papa would meet)

I would love it if My whole family lived in Devon...Bliss.



  1. I love Silbury Hill and Avebury but the mystery is such a big part of the appeal. What if they were just a pile of mud and meaningless ring of old stones.

  2. I was going to put Silbury/Stonehenge as one of mine. Glad I didn't, as you'd already covered it.

    Very mystical though! Fantastic stuff x

  3. Fab list. Very well thought out. And I think quite a few people would be thanking you for your cancer cure.

  4. I join you in your love for Devon. So glad my parents are retiring there as it finally means we'll get to visit more often. Brilliant list.



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