Thursday, 10 March 2011

GALT Toys Review - Make your own perfume

When the lovely people over at GALT Toys were looking for someone to review their 'Make your own perfume' kit my hand shot straight up "Me, Me, Me...please pick me!"

It was only a couple of weeks back that my eleven year old was asking me how to make perfume and of course I told her the only way I had ever done it as a child with rose petals and water. Problem is there are not many roses about this time of year and in my experience after a few days the water tends to become rather murky and begins to smell more like poo than rose petals.
So GALT's offer of a review was perfectly timed, not forgetting to mention 'Mother's Day' is just around the corner and homemade perfume would make the perfect gift for Nan, Auntie and hopefully (fingers crossed) me.

When the parcel arrived it was packaged really well and when we unwrapped it the box to the kit was a pretty, vibrant pink and very appealing. Inside the box we found instructions, a mixture of five fruity & floral scents ( Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla) five empty perfume bottles shaped as hearts with colourful lids, five pipettes and ten heart stickers for the bottles.

At first my Daughter found it a little bit fiddly using the pipette and found she really needed a steady hand to squirt the fragrance into the empty bottles.

However, she soon got the hang of it and there was no stopping her. Included in the instructions are recipes for three different perfumes 'Jasmine Princess', 'Strawberry Dream' and Apple Blossom'. You can also make up your own signature scents using the fragrances and another bonus is the kit has instructions detailing how to make perfume from using flowers from the garden.

My personal favourite was 'Strawberry Dream' and My Daughters was 'Apple Blossom'. I tested some on my wrist and then went and washed up the tea dishes and I could still smell the perfume afterwards so in my opinion the perfumes are good quality with a lasting scent.

My Daughters friend also made a perfume from the kit for her Mum for 'Mother's Day' and really enjoyed the it.

So all in all the make your own perfume' kit gets a definite thumbs up in our house and the whole place smelt gorgeous as we were reviewing it.
So if you think your little girls (or even boys) would love this kit as much as us then it can be purchased from GALT Toys for £10.99. We all agree its great value for money.

This product was sent to me free of any charge. I have received no financial reward for writing this review and as a family we always give an honest opinion.

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