Friday, 11 March 2011

Flashback Friday - The Cannon

For this weeks Flashback Friday over at Cafe Bebe's I decided to go with an old photo that I spotted on my Brother's facebook. I'd actually forgotten all about it until then but it brought back a ton of memories. It is a photo of me (poking my head through the hole), my eldest Brother (on the right) and my two cousins.

It was taken in 1981 on a trip to Toronto in Canada. My Mum's sister moved over there when I was six months old and this was the first time Mum got to go visit. It was a fantastic holiday and Mum had saved hard to take us to visit our cousins. We visited over the Halloween period and back then Britain didn't really celebrate it like we do now. No-one really went 'Trick or Treating', in fact it was pretty unheard of over here. I remember everywhere being decorated for Halloween and even Maccy D's were giving out Halloween gifts in their happy meals. It was so exciting for us Brit kids who had never seen anything like it before.

This photo is particularly significant to us because our Dad used to make models of Cannons just like the one in the photo. He would spend hours after work in his workshop at the bottom of the garden, busying away on his lathe making exact miniature replica's. So as soon as we spotted it we ran and climbed all over it.
I remember when we arrived home looking at this photo and laughing because my little cousin is cheekily poking his tongue out at the camera. There are hundreds of other photo's of the trip but they are all on slides as it was quite popular back then to project your family snaps onto a massive screen in the lounge...funny now looking back but at the time it was cutting edge stuff.
Our visit to Canada had a huge impact on us and holds very fond memories, in fact my eldest Brother is even emigrating this year to live over there with his family. It is a very beautiful Country and we were very lucky as kids to get the chance to visit.
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  1. Love the cousin on the left with his tongue out!!

  2. Hee hee what a funny photo with such a great story behind it. Your mum must ave worked very hard to take you and yor brother on that trip. X

  3. Delightful! What a fabulous memory which is perfect for #FlashbackFriday! Loving the one on the left sticking his tongue out!;)


  4. Fab picture - I love Canada hubster has an uncle who lives in Ontario he promises we will move there one day x

  5. ah bless you were all so sweet NOT lol xxxx

  6. Haha, if that doesn't look like a great family day out I don't know what would do. Love how you are all doing something different around the cannon x

  7. What a lovely photo full of cheeky fun. I love your cousin sticking his tongue out :) x



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