Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fearne Cotton to host The Royal Wedding

As a lot of you probably already know I'm a huge Prince William fan. I love the Royal Family, particularly William who I think will make a fabulous future King. I would describe myself as quite patriotic really and I think The Royals bring so much to our little country and I'm very proud of our Monarchy.

Of course we all know they bring a huge amount of money into the country via tourism but I think they also give our country an identity to be proud of. The Queen and her family visit many countries are are highly respected worldwide, they play a huge role in retaining good relations with them.

Anyway I think the Royal wedding this year will go a long way towards helping dig our country out of the financial mess we are in right now. Tourists will be flocking here, spending lots of money and the many Businesses producing royal memorabilia will be raking in the extra pennies. All good for our country.

On the day of the wedding I will probably head into London on the Tube just as I did for the Queen's Golden jubilee in 2002. Thermos and camera in hand hoping to catch a glimpse of the lovely bride and groom. I know the atmosphere will be electric and I can not wait to suck it all up.

For the many thousands of people who will be watching the Big day on TV will be treated to coverage probably all day. But who will be commentating on this momentous event?

Well, it has been reported that Radio One's Fearne cotton and Edith Bowman are confirmed hosts of the event.
Also appearing on the BBC's broadcast of the ceremony will be Vernon Kay, Formula 1 frontman Jake Humphrey and Alex Jones from The One Show.

David Dimbleby has been the voice of many previous state occasions and is now being replaced by a younger Huw Edwards. The BBC of course are denying favouring a more 'youthful' line up of presenters over the more mature presenters of the past.

There has been some criticism over the choice of presenters from the likes of politician Anne Widdecombe who blasts the decision.

Widdecombe believes that the younger presenters hold no 'Gravitas' and that "the chosen stars are not dignified enough for the occasion."
What a load of Toffee! I think the younger presenters will bring a much needed 'zing' to the occasion because I think they will appeal to the younger generation who really can not e bothered with stuffy commentators. I think people like Fearne Cotton will give the future King and his missus some street cred. I think its a great idea.
What do you think...Do you feel the younger presenters will bring some fun and bounce to the day or do you think they have no 'Gravitas' like Anne believes the occasion needs?


  1. haha, I think anne widecombe should be taken out and shot, no-one really cares what she thinks, surely!
    bring on the youngsters and make it a fun day all round.

  2. @joy

    Hahaha Joy... Thanks for your comment. I can't wait and soooo agree with you re; Widdecombe (The toffee nosed cow, lol) x

  3. Considering Fearne has interviewed William & Harry, I think she's a great choice. The royal wedding is such an out of this world type event that having younger presenters that the Prince and the public can relate to gives the royal wedding a more personable tone. Rather than having snobby arse kissing journalists who think way too much of themselves.

  4. I was thinking Fearne was too young but if that means I'm turning into Anne Widdecombe then I'll change my mind!!!! I'm with Joy :)
    I think I have to work that day, gutted :( Even though it's a bank holiday we'll be open. I was told by my boss that no one wants to watch the wedding.... duh I thought that's why it's a bank holiday!!! I'll continue to fight for it as I'm working all over Easter! x

  5. Hey, the bride and groom are from the younger generation so step aside you old presenters and let the young ones show what they can do is what I say. At least they will have a connection to the Royal Couple unlike the golden oldies, like Ann Widdecombe!!!!!!! I am by no means young but certainly think new presenters are a good idea.

    I must admit that I used to be very much into everything the Royals did before and during Princess Diana's 'reign' but the Royal Family have gone way down in my estimation after they way they treated not only the lovely Diana but also Sarah Ferguson - even now she isn't being invited to the Royal Wedding which I think is extremely petty!!!!! What sort of lesson is that to the rest of us for goodness sake?

    I don't think I'll be sitting through the whole presentation of the wedding but will probably just take a quick look to see what she is wearing. I think the majority of people are just looking forward to an extra day off! In fact I did hear someone make a comment about marrying into the Royal family when I was out shopping on Friday as there was memorabilia and bunting etc being sold in the shop I was in. So it's not just me.

    I just hope this is one Royal marriage which survives - and hopefully there won't be 3 in this marriage or skeletons in the closet!

    Enjoy the day anyway, I'm sure the atmosphere will be electric.

  6. Fearne is also a huge Wills fan so I think she will do us proud. I just can't wait. I do agree jodiegirl about the treatment of Di. I do think it must be so difficult to marry into the Royal family. The expectations are so high. I hope Kate will enjoy her role and it wont be too tough on her x

  7. I will admit i had never been a fan of the Royals but since the death of Diana, they have got a lot more 'down to earth' but i think they have managed it in a way that they are still 'untouchable'. It's nice that William has been allowed to marry his love and has not beenforced into a loveless marriage like his father was.

  8. i am so excited about the royal wedding. Trying to think of a menu for the day. I think we will get together with other royalists for lunch and to watch some of the coverage. I'm trying to think of some sort of souvenir I can make -- haven't seen much to buy. also trying to figure out how best to watch the coverage. It starts on tv at 4 a.m. here and since we don't have a tv I either need to go somewhere or find out if we can get enough online that we don't need a tv. What I'd really like is online coverage that we can tune into anytime of the day so perhaps to watch everything replayed in the afternoon after our "royal lunch". If you come across any info, let me know!



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