Monday, 21 March 2011

Birthday Girl & The Justin Bieber Concert

If you remember last month Papa and I took the girls to The O2 for Justin Bieber's film premier of 'Never say never' (you can read about it here.)

To be honest Bieber wasn't my cup of tea at all and although I found his tunes quite toe tapping I assumed it was just manufactured, teeny boppy rubbish. However, I would never dictate to the girls about who I think they should and shouldn't listen to as music is such a personal thing.

We had four tickets to the premier and as the girls were such fans we decided to take them. I was glued to the movie, it was fantastic and I was also shocked to discover that Bieber is actually really super talented. He comes from a very loving poor family in a small town in Ontario, Canada. His mother was a nineteen year old single mum who split from Justin's Dad when he was ten months old.

Justin taught himself to play the piano, guitar, drums and trumpet and the movie shows him as a very young child playing a guitar that is bigger than him. At the age of 12 Justin won a talent contest and his mum was so proud that she posted a video of him singing a Ne-yo song on You tube for family & friends. Justin would also busk on street corners while his you tube site was becoming more and more popular with a huge fan following. Then one day DJ scooter Braun accidentally clicked on one of Justin's video's and contacted him. Justin went to Atlanta to record some demo tapes and was then signed by Island records.

I like Justin's Positive Philosophy and outlook on life that nothing is impossible and Dreams can come true. He has worked hard to get where he is and where he wants to be in life. On Tv he comes across as a bit arrogant but the movie tells a different story.

Anyway it was our youngest Daughters eleventh birthday and she really wanted to see Bieber in concert so we decided to take her as we knew it would make her birthday one to always remember.

We arrived at the O2 and headed straight for Sky's backstage VIP area. The queue's downstairs at the main doors were becoming huge so I was really pleased that Papa had got us free VIP tickets from sky. It meant instead of standing in long queues we could sit backstage and relax before the concert started.

Our tickets were for right at the top and looking out over the arena I was a bit worried as I'm terrified of heights.

Papa got us a drink while we sat in lovely comfy surroundings eagerly waiting for the concert to start.

Sky backstage also offer complimentary hair and make up artists. The Teenager had her hair curled.

And The birthday girl had her make up done

She had 'I heart JB' on her cheek and was thrilled.

7.30 and it was time to take our seats.

The height did really freak me at first. In fact it made me feel sick but I did feel ok after about 20 minutes.

The girls were so excited.

And first up was a girl band called 'Sound Girls' who were pretty good. Up next was Will smith's Daughter Willow, who for her age was amazing.

Then Justin made his entrance and the screams were absolutely deafening.

Justin sang all of his songs and Jaden Smith joined him at the end. He also introduces all his dancers and backing group.

The concert was enjoyed by the girls, in fact they said it was the best day of their life, lol.

And we weren't the only 40 year olds there. Lots of parents were up dancing and singing...Even Papa was up dancing.

Had a Brilliant time and so glad the girls loved it.


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  2. Fantastic, what a great birthday present!
    Justin Bieber's story is amazing and our girls love him too.
    We first saw the movie together... he is so adorable and passionate!
    We also went to O2 with our girls. A concert they and we will always remember! We were dancing and went home singing his songs. We are 40+ Bieber fans now :-),
    Another Mama :-)

  3. Thankyou Mrs E xxx
    And Mamasakio I admire his passion...he is Fab isn't he, bless him. Great concert wasn't it...My girls haven't stopped talking about it, definately something they will always remember xxx

  4. He is great!
    He comes from humble beginnings and he worked really hard to get where he is now. A true inspiration for young AND old! He commands respect.
    Thumbs up for The Bieber :-)



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