Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Allotment in March

Ok So the sun was out yesterday and I knew I had to get over the lottie as it has been rather neglected. The weather has been so cold and I would just rather be inside sewing. I've been feeling a bit down the past few days and Papa knew I needed distracting so as soon as he came home from work he dragged me over the lottie to get digging. It really was just what I needed. The warm sun, the rich earthy smells and the tranquility of the allotments totally lifted my spirits. Papa always knows best.
First thing we did was dig up all out forgotten veggies from last season. All still perfectly good to eat.

The ground was nice and soft making it really easy to dig over. While they were doing this I pruned the raspberries. I should have done this last Autumn after fruiting so I hope it wont hurt too much me doing it now as they really do produce gorgeous fruit.

I was very pleased with the compost heap. At the end of the Autumn this was filled right to the very top with weeds and foliage. Over the winter, as you can see it has broken down nicely.

I took all our forgotten veggies home and spent a good hour washing them and getting them ready for chopping.

All nice, clean and chopped they were ready for blanching before freezing. It is not essential to blanch, (it won't kill you if you don't do it) in fact my neighbour doesn't bother but I like to do it because it kills off certain enzymes and bacteria which preserves the colour and flavour of the veg. Blanching also helps retain its vitamin C.

So all you need to do is add the chopped veggies to a big pan of boiling water and I par boil for about five minutes. Have a bowl of cold water with ice cubes ready and then plunge the veg into it after boiling. The idea is to get the veggies as cold as possible as quick as possible, thus stopping the cooking process.

Then drain off the veg and pack into portion sized freezer bags and pop into the freezer. Hey presto you have frozen your home grown veg ready for yummy dinners. It really is as easy as that.


  1. That looks so fresh and healthy. Makes me look forward to when I can start growing herbs on my balcony again. :-)

  2. That is great they all look so lovely I really want to grow some veg but we can't seem to get anything to take in our garden not even grass! xx

  3. Oh you are making me wish I had a garden just like yours. Those forgotten veggies look heavenly!

  4. I wish I had green fingers - it all looks amazing x

  5. Lovely! We are going to start a garden this year... first time! I'm a little nervous as to whether we'll do a good job!

  6. Thanks everyone, I get so much satisfaction from growing my own and they really are tastier x

    Incenseandmyrrh - I'm sure you will do brilliantly. If you are really nervous about it then maybe try growing in some pots this year to give you a feel for it x



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