Sunday, 27 March 2011

Top 15 Things to do before you are 12

1) Hill rolling on a sunny day

2) plant seeds

3) Eat something you have grown

4) go on a fairy or elf hunt

5) rockpooling

6) paddle in the sea

7) Build sandcastles

8) Bake cakes

9) Cart wheels

10) Hold wiggly worms

11) Go on a long bike ride

12) collect ladybirds

13) Have a water fight

15) Feed farm animals


  1. Wise words from the Mama - as usual! and fabulous photographs as usual!

  2. What a great list, most of which I did do. Except the worm one, bleugh!

  3. What a beautiful list! And thanks for the great pictures. Very worthy pursuits for a pre-12-year-old.

  4. not 100% with you on 'hold wiggly worm'!!

  5. Hahahaha QuertyMum - My 11yr old isn't too keen on that one either.
    Thanks or your comments everyone xxx



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