Monday, 21 February 2011

Magpie Monday - Charity Shop Finds

This week for Magpie Monday over at Me and My Shadow I have some good Charity shop finds.
The first item I'd like to show you is a dinner set I found last year. When I spotted it I nearly tripped over myself to get to it before anyone else. At a first glance I thought it was Denby but at closer inspection it was a company I had not heard of before, Sango. I knew it was very good quality though and would probably be expensive if purchased new.
"How much for the dinner set?" I shouted across the crowded Charity shop, too petrified to leave its side in case someone else nabbed it.
"A tenner!" The nice old lady behind the counter shouted back.
I couldn't pay quick enough.
When I arrived home I looked up Sango on the net and discovered its a popular US dinner set and nearly as expensive as Denby. A set like mine would have cost around £100 so I was thrilled with my bargain.

My next item is a 1970's Thermos flask. Don't ask me why but I love vintage flasks and when I spot one in good nick I go weak at the knees. This one was £1 and in brand new condition. I'm chuffed with it.

Another thing I'm collecting is vintage sheets and bedding ready for when I re-decorate my bedroom this year. I love bold 70's sheets and candlewick bedspreads and these little beauties were £2 for two Double sheets in immaculate condition and the candlewick bedspread is huge and was only £4.

So Pop along to Me and My Shadow and have a nose at all the other bargains


  1. Of what fab finds! That dinner service is lovely and very Dnby-esque.

    Candlewick bedspreads...ahh whatever happened to them? Everyone used to have them on their beds yet I almost never see them nowadays.

    Thanks for linking up, you are a treasure! x

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  3. Love that dinner Set - It is very very similar to my Denby one! What a fantastic find! Also love your retro bedding!

  4. what beautiful finds! I love finding vintage treasures, your dinner service looks like an incredible deal and I would love to find a vintage flask :)

  5. You are making me so "envious" with all your terrific charity shop finds!!!

  6. I never find anything like this in our local charity shops! You have some wonderful finds there.

  7. Wow that was like a trip down memory lane, I used to take soup into school for lunch in a flask like that. Oh and those sheets and bedspread take me back to my childhood...happy days!

    Gorgeous dinner set btw, why don't I find things like that. x

  8. oh that dinner set is lovely well done on such a great find!

  9. The dinner set is gorgeous - I hope I get lucky when I go in search of table wear!

  10. I always look for vintage bedding and woolen jumpers (for felting) and I am sadly never that lucky. I guess because I don't dip in often enough (or very often at all - I hardly ever make it into town!) Great finds!

  11. I love, love, love the way you photograph your finds. Sooooo vintage !
    We actually had those same bedsheets when I was a child of the 70's I am sure !
    Runs off to ask MOTHER ......

  12. I love my Candlewick bedspread, reminds me of my childhood. That flask is lovely, I like a nice flask :)

  13. The dinner service is lovely, what a fabulous colour.

  14. I love seventies stuff. I'd have my whole house 70's but there arent any good quality charity shops here and when you do find something its soooo overpriced :(

  15. I got a dinner set in white and gold not long ago for a tenner. Very posh looking so ideal for Christmas lunch. Bought it after shame at my mismatched crockery last Christmas.
    Was thinking about candlewick bedspreads the other day for some reason.
    I love anything Denby whether real or -esque.
    My charity shop haul is over at



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