Thursday, 3 February 2011

Laughter is good for the soul

"A good laugh is sunshine in a house." ~ Anonymous
I must admit I do have a bit of a sick sense of humor and get an immense amount of satisfaction from playing pranks. Granted this one was a joint effort but the gratification received from this particular prank was just the same as if I'd masterminded it myself.

My Brother Mr T has a problem. He likes to sleep a lot...hell of a lot, and he will fall asleep wherever he is. It is actually very funny to see and to be honest Mr T randomly falling asleep is not our main concern. The problem is he snores. I'm not talking gentle, rhythmic rattles as he takes a breath, Hell no! I'm talking Rip Roaring rumbles that grow into a thunderous applause so loud my window pane's rattle.

So let me set the scene. Its a cold winters night, flutters of snow are settling on the ground outside as we sit all cosy & warm inside in front of a roaring fire. I feel totally relaxed as I enjoy my favourite soaps on the TV.

The rooms tranquil ambiance is suddenly shattered as Mr T falls asleep and the sound of a hundred chain saws bounce around the walls.

" Mr T!" I bellow as I give him a gentle nudge with my foot.

No response. The snoring continues.

Second Son, Master N comes up with the bright idea of playing a little, teeny tiny prank and flashing a laser pen in his Uncles face while screaming ..."Mr T...Its the Police. Come out with your hands up!"

This in itself made me laugh...but we could make it even more affective by going onto You-Tube and finding a police siren sound effect.

So on goes the sound effect, laser pen at the ready, flashing in Mr T's face....woo, woo, woo

Mr T leaps out of his seat so high his head nearly hits the ceiling...His face an absolute picture.
The room fills with booming bursts of rolling laughter, tears streaming down my face I turn to my Brother and say "Well Mr T you really should try and stay awake while we are watching Corrie!"
He really wasn't impressed. Poor Mr T...What a wicked Prank to play! Funny Though, hahaha!
This post was written using prompt number 3 from Mama Kat's Writers workshop.
3.) Describe the last thing that made you laugh really hard.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh - I've had a helluva day and need something to laugh at.

  2. Funny stuff! Glad to see someone else shares my sense of humor!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's...

  3. Visiting from Mama Kat's. Good story and harmless prank! Snorers beware!

  4. Very funny! I love it when kids get in on jokes. My post shared your sleeping victim theme. Would love if you stopped by to read it.



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