Thursday, 17 February 2011

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Premier

Last night was the premier for Just Bieber's movie 'Never Say Never' at London's O2. We had tickets for the screening from Sky Rewards. Our two girls were beside themselves with excitement as we jumped on the tube into Greenwich. We arrived at the O2 nice and early and the first thing the girls asked were "Where's Bieber?"

Preparations were underway for the arrival of Bieber, the Purple runway carpet was being laid that would soon be comforting the toes of stars.

We had some fun while we waited

The Girls thoroughly enjoying the 'Smile booth' as they giggled while posing for the camera.

We bumped into the lovely Lisa Appleton and Mario Marconi from Big Brother 9.

And they really were very sweet and we were thrilled to meet them as they were our favourite contestants from that series.

Crowds of teenage girls, Mums and Dad's were beginning to build up outside as we spotted a few more stars like Akai Osei the 10 year dancer who won Sky1's show 'Got to Dance' in 2010 and Linda Robson From Birds of a Feather was standing right in front of us as we waited outside the O2's doors.

We waited patiently for Bieber to arrive and then the Girls discovered that we were to receive red carpet treatment (Or Purple in Biebers case) and walk the carpet with the stars and possibly bump into Justin himself.

The doors opened and as we were the first to enter the building all the teenage fans lining the carpet behind the barriers screamed as we entered flashing their thousands of camera's in our faces. It was surreal...they all thought we were famous, it was so funny and such an experience.

Then Bieber entered he building. The screams became deafening as he spoke to the TV crew.

I managed to zoom in and get a shot of him on the balcony.

We continued along the purple carpet as we made our way to Cineworld.

Our eldest Daughter then got asked to be interviewed by Sky's camera crew. They wanted to know about her experience of the premier and bless her she was so nervous but she did so well and was thrilled to be asked.

As we approached our seats Sky had popcorn and drinks waiting for us.
We sat down and enjoyed the movie.

And as we left, turned back and said "Until Next time Bieber"

We all had a fabulous time and were treated like V.I.P's by Sky. They really made us feel special.
Thanks Sky!


  1. We had fun too! But am suffering a bit of a Bieber hangover now.

  2. Lol...Me too! I'm exhausted! Worth it though.

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fun night out! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day, it was much appreciated x

  4. What a great day out with your Daughters! I saw the movie trailer for the Bieber film at the cinema, and it looks like every girls dream!

  5. That sounds superb and I didn't know SKY could be so lovely.

    What a fab evening.

  6. Looks fab - we're going to see Glee in June, and I've booked the sky tickets for that. Looks like you had a great time! Ruth x

  7. The movie is fab! And Ruth, Glee will be so much fun! Lucky You! xxx



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