Saturday, 5 February 2011

I was Born to...

I was born to be Papa's Wife...

Not sure I realised it in my younger days or even throughout a lot of my marriage, but being without him for a year of my life during our separation forced me to look beneath the surface. My life was stripped bare and without him by my side I felt so lost. I was lonelier than I'd ever been. I missed his companionship, I missed his unique view of the world, I missed his terrible jokes, I missed him constantly quoting fools & horses, I missed his friendship and most importantly I missed his love. Before the split I took him for granted...I will never do that again, Not Ever.

As a couple we were born to be parents to our four beautiful children and Grandparents to our adorable Granddaughter. Together we were born to be a Family.

You must have seen the wonderfully evocative 'No child Born to die' TV adverts that Save the children UK have been running recently so why not pop along here to their website and find out how you can do your bit and save a life.

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  1. Thank you for your Born to Write post and for all your support! Best of luck with the competition.

    Save the Children



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