Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Gallery - 24 Hrs

First thing First....COFFEE

oh and Porridge!
Hanging out the washing!

Washing up the breakfast things...Groan!

Feeding the Hens...delightful!

Making beds & Cleaning Baby's room...Yikes!

Cutting & pressing ready to sew

I Love my sewing machine...mwah!

Time for fresh air and burn some flab!

After dinner we chill by the fire

Oh Mum...Its been a tough day!

I really do live the High Life!
Please Pop over to Sticky Fingers and take a look at everyone elses past 24 hrs


  1. Really love the old fasioned
    look of the pictures. Lovely shots all around

  2. I love the vintage look to your photos is that some clever app?
    I think your day is one that many of us face, well apart from the chickens I don't have any of those to feed!
    Lovely to catch a glimpse into your life x

  3. Thanks Laura & Jenny. And Jenny I did the photos in photo shop. I tweaked the colours and added a vintage frame x

  4. Great pictures and a great insight to your day!



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